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Hi all,

I recently tried a pair of Dalbello Reflex 5 boots on, a pair that belonged to my friends. I skied a few runs including trees and bumps (my faves), and found them to be very comfortable. My mom, who also just bought me another new pair of skis (Volkl Karmas) and binding, won't spent for than $275 CDN on my boots, and unfortunately, most boots for my level are a bit more expensuve than that. I was able to find the boots that I had tried on, online, at a much better price (about $278 CDN).

The problem is that I don't remember the size of the ski boots that I tried out. Because they are Dalbellos though, and my brother has a pair of Dalbellos as well, I tried his on. These fit me perfectly (but they are not Reflex 5s, they are Aerro 50s). Is it safe to assume that the sizings amongst all the Dalbello boots are the same?

I know buying boots online is not ideal, but it is kind of necessary because of their better prices. Should I buy the Dalbellos online in the same size as the Dalbellos we have at home?