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How is the night skiing at Brighton?
What level runs do they have lit?(is the terrain fun for intermediate up skier)
Are the runs open at night reasonably long?

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("200 lighted acres, 18 runs...")<FONT size="1">

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Brighton night skiing is mostly beginer/intermediate terrain. But I believe now their pipe is lit up also. I have not night skiied there for years, but we used to do some tree skiing on the far skier's left at dusk later in the season (huh, huh, skiin' after school was fun)

the rest of Brighton can be a real blast, when are you planning on coming?
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I think they closed back in April. I looked at the 5-day and it doesn't look we're getting any new snow soon.
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HEY!!!! MeatDrink!!! HowYaDoo'n? Slow day on the other side?
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I'm planning on coming in July. I will be graduating from colleg in December, and want to take a nice long ski vacation after Christmas. I like to be able to have the option of skiing day and night due to the fact that I am from Georgia and don't get to go out west but once a year,and I like to hit the town for some serious beverage consumption on at least a night or two. Night skiing makes me feel like I have not waisted a whole day if I don't make my first run until 11 in the morning(only one or two days of course, I'm normally at the lifts by 9). Skiing is my absolute favorite recreational activity, however, being from Georgia and in my early 20's its a tough addiction to support financialy. Therefor, when I get the opportunity, I ski till I drop. In recent years I have been going to Keystone, CO simply because there is plenty of good skiing on other nearby mountains during the day, and Keystone is awesome at night. However, I have only skied Utah once and only hit Solitude and Park City while there. I would really like to stay in Salt Lake and hit Snowbird, Alta, Brighton, Solitude, and Snowbasin. I feel like Utah conditions in early January will probably blow Colorado's away, and I'm sick of crowds. Let me know what you guys think, and give me some more info on worthwhile night skiing in the area, if there is any (I know Payday is lit at PC, is it still the only run they light up?)

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I just came over to round up people to join us SKIING at Timberline this weekend, but it doesn't look like I've got any takers.

Are you in UT?
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when i'm daydreaming.
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"I'm planning on coming in July. I will be graduating from colleg in December, and want to take a nice long ski vacation after Christmas."


get up @ 8 ski all day including lunch
leave the night skiing to us after work guys.
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