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VA I was skiing with some kids the other day and wondered how your son is doing. He must be having the best winter EVER!
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Our local hill is 1 hour away. I try to get out 3 times a week. 2 weekday mornings, by myself or if I can drag along a friend. There by 9:00 home by 2:00. Saturday or Sunday with the family and sometimes a few after school/nights with the kids.
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Originally Posted by andy vw View Post
I really do question some of these 'ski days'.
I would rather get one run down Mt. Herman in knee deep powder than 5 days in any Eastern Resort. I would call that a ski day.

Last season I had one day where I got only one run. However, it was from Camp Muir to Paradise - about 5400' of vertical in 12" of new. 5 hours up, 15 minutes down.
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Being my first year back into skiing, and my first time up not being until mid-January, I've got 6 days in so far.

4 at Sierra Summit
2 at Kirkwood

I've got at least 2-3 more days coming over the next week and I'd say I might get in 15 before the end of the season.

Next year I'll have a season pass to Sierra Summit and hopefully get 25+ days in. My problem is that it's 2+ hour drive to get to Sierra Summit and when I go up on the weekdays I'm usually alone.
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Originally Posted by volantaddict View Post
I go to the mountain every day and get my turns in before returning to town. On some days I ski a couple hours, and on some I go bell to bell. Some days are hard charging on steep, wild terrain, and some are skiing with my six year old on groomers. They are all ski days.

Tomorrow will be my 80th this season.

In 2 years that last line will probably read:" Every day is hard charging on steep, wild terrain with my 8 year old." Best : ha ha thing I have done for skiing with my son was introduce him to Mad River Glen when he was 6, he is now 9 and all he wants to do is jump and drop cliffs ,5' is big air to him, painful to me.
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Originally Posted by andy vw
I really do question some of these 'ski days'.
I figure that any day that I click into bindings, ride a lift and make some turns is a ski day. Some are better than others. Some go on longer than others. Sometimes conditions drive me off the hill after a handful of runs. But, by accretion, each day adds to the ski season.
I think I vote for the quantity rather than quality side. I certainly agree that some days are magical, and others are not. But it seems like the only way to be around for those magical days is to ski a lot. Or be a lot luckier than I am at looking at a calendar and guessing when the good days will happen.
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If I had my drothers, every day....unfortunately, I live in flatlandsville..... and the closest ski hill is 6-7 hours away. Not a day trip, if you know what I mean? So....12, and I cherish every single one of them. I am sooo happy to get that in. If it would snow here, I'd be skiing down my driveway. But, in a few years....when we move out West, it will increase to every day that I am not working, God willing.
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1978-79 to 1995-96: average 25 days and 480K vertical
Last 10 seasons: average 31 days and 640K vertical

The last 2 seasons have been my best, due to Mammoth being open to July, and Southern Hemisphere trips after that:
The record 2004-05 ski season: Oct. 30 - Sept. 9
All 12 months skied, 48 days, 965K vertical, 142K powder (3rd highest out of 30 seasons)
2005-06: 9 months (3rd), 41 days (tie 2nd), 816K vertical (2nd), 195K powder (1st)
2006-07 will be between 35 and 40 days.
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