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Low volume foot, w/ wide-flat forefoot (splayed w/ two bunions), narrow ankle shaft, narrow heel, and high instep/arch.

After 8 or 9 pairs of boots and a half dozen liners, I have finally found the right combo: New old stock Flexons with a ZipFit Plug liner.

The Zipfits conform to every curvature around the core of the foot and ankle without cutting off circulation to toes. The Flexon shell provides the perfect instep fit.

As a bonus, the heel pocket grip is so tight, I have no heel lift whatsoever! Even with the bails [buckles] at their most open adjustment, the heel pocket is more snug than any other boot combo I have tried.

The one basic fit problem was finding a fit at the base of the foreward ankle where it curves into the top of the arch. There was always space to the front of the collar over the tongue. Even if the number three buckle was tightened to the point where it pulled down the forefoot overlap at cut off blood to the toes... there was still space over the instep. If I did find a boot that could fit the ankleshaft, it's toe box was way too narrow.

It should be noted that I needed to build up the base of my footbeds to properly raise the height of the ankle bone to match ankle bone recess in the shell. I also had to cant the shell in order to center the ankle shaft into proper lateral alignment with the upper cuff of the shell.

Anyone who has the foot shape combination as noted above, I would be happy to discuss this further. I have been on a quest, a boot fitting journey of epoch proportions to arrive at his point. I am happy.

Hallelujah and Amen.