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Originally Posted by KevinF View Post
One of the skiing magazines listed Vista Way as a top-in-the-East cruiser as well. I must admit I find that really surprising -- how often does Vista Way get groomed out? I've never seen it with monster moguls in it, but then again, I've never seen it without at least some small moguls, ice, rocks and other stuff poking through the snowpack. Vista Way is so tucked out of the way that I think most people don't even realize it's there.

What's your preferred route from Vista Way to Lower Cannon? There's a lot of vertical between those two trails.
Top to bottom it's Vista Way to Middle Cannon to Lower Cannon..I think that covers the entire length of about 2000 verticle
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Originally Posted by njkayaker View Post
I like Great Eastern to Skye Ship base at Killington. It's only a green but it is long (for the east) and you can get pretty good speed on it (if it is not crowded). Juggernaut at Killington should be good too (but it's been years since I've done it).
Juggernaut at killington does not qualify as a "Cruiser" unless you are on a snowmobile.. 10 mile run out!
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Harrier or Perigren at Beaver Creek are as good as it gets anywhere.

Steep, consistant pitch and long.

On a weekday at ABasin, you can top to bottom high speed cranking as long as your legs hold out. It's a blast.
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Originally Posted by epic View Post
As far as I'm concerned five miles of continuous grade would take it OFF the list. It's the rolls and turns that give it character and make it a worthy trail.
Absolutely. I can't believe noone mentioned Jester at Sugarbush south. It is a blue, running the entire vert of Sugarbush, once a logging road it's fairly narrow and consistently steep, you can turn only where the trail turns, as it twists back and forth down the entire montain. In the spring, there are picnickers on the inside of many of the turns cheering the skiers on.... It's where I really learned to ski 25 years ago.
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Cupp Run @ Snowshoe... a mile and a half, pitch variations and rolls at the bottom... but it's a black.. Cruisers are different for different people.... Cupp Run would be too much for some (less experienced) people, but If you are comfortable with the speed, it's not a hard run by any means....
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Nobody mentioned Ridge Run to Maggie's to Round-a-bout at Heavenly? There is a little skating across the lift area at the beginning of round-a-bout, but we're talking about 3500 vertical feet. I've actually never skied the whole thing without stopping. I'll have to do that next time I'm up there.

And of course the view is unbeatable.

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o go slo

Just got back from Big White. Meadowlark - O Go Slo is a long mainly green run from the main area to Gem lake area. It's 7.2 k by road from the main village area to Gem lake lift . Not sure how long the run is but you now it's long when you finally reach a sign letting you you know you're one kilometre from the lift. Lots of chances to pop into glades along the way if your not happy just cruising along.

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Originally Posted by Treewell View Post
Best Cruisers? These four come to mind first:

EAST: Perry Merrill.....Stowe
Vista Way to Lower Cannon.....Cannon

WEST: Warm Springs.....Sun Valley
Dave Murray Downhill.....Whistler
Funny, I was thinking River Run at Sun Valley
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Middle Road at Big Sky, they say it's a blue but it should be green and almost always no one is on it, plus you can hit some powder shots in the trees around it most of the time.

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East.....Snowdance at Mt. Snow

West.....Bwana at Vail
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Gros Ventre at Jackson Hole is long, blue and has a pretty sustained pitch throughout.
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Rock 'n' Roll and Zig Zag on Blackcomb are fun, late-afternoon cruisers.

Blackcomb glacier (Showcase) to base
is a cruiser, I'd say - I like that a lot. That's got to be...a great number of kilometers/miles.

Upper + Lower Dave Murray
on Whistler is great fun - one of my best memories is sking the whole thing right after grooming without seeing a single person. You can really get some speed up there. So nice!

Peak to Creek, too, of course.

There's a nice 8 km/5 mi cruise at Lake Louise, as well...forget the name.

There's a sweet one at Sun Peaks, too - 7 Mile Road might be the name, not sure.
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a few in les trois vallees france

col de la loze into La Tania via folyeres.....above treeline into an evergreen lined corridor with awesome humpbacks cruising for 2900+vert on blue/red terrain

david douillet top to bottom from Mont de la chambre into les menuries, wide red terrain, constant pitch, stunning views, north facing and 3500-3800vert depending on the endpoint.
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Several at DV-

Orion off of Empire, Tycoon, Perserverence, and Wizard off of ?, and Stein's Way, although black, you can get some serious crusing in.
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Parsenn in Switzerland: Davos to Klosters. Ride the train back!
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All 5000+ acres @ Sun Peaks, BC
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