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Heli Pack with Hydration

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I have a camelbak to provide hydration but now need something to take my ski's as well.

The camel bak tube freezes in colder weather (-10 Deg C and below). I can buy an insulation tube for the camel bak but have heard that this doesn't always prevent the tube from freezing.

Is there a good heli pack out there with an hydration option that doesn't freeze?

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I use a Platypus, but I's basically the same thing.
Some tips:
1. get the insulation for the tube
2. fill the bladder with warm water (it will cool through the day)
3. after drinking, empty the tube (either lift it up and open it, most of the water will run back into the bladder, or point the tube at the ground and drain it that way)
4. If you have the small backpack version, wear it under your ski jacket.

I also use mine in the summer, when I fill it with ice, and let it melt through the day, but have to keep the tube empty or you end up with a mouth full of tepid water!

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And blowing back the liquid after drinking works as well. And as above, having almost hot liquid in the bag it prevents freezing quite well. Especially if you have a fleecepouch for your camelback.
In really cold i Thermos (duno what it is in english) is the only option.
A good steel thermos holds you water (almost) boiling hot for 4-12 hours. And as you drink it , you can add more snow in it and get double the liquid and its still warm enough. Of course a good 0.5L - 1L steel thermos weights a lot.
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DB, the trick to keeping your liquid liquid is insulating not only the tube but also the bite valve. Camelbak sells a kit that includes a fully-insulated tube & bite valve, and all you need to do is remove the tube from your bladder and install the insulated tube. Or, if you want more versatility, buy a 2d bladder and use the insulated tube with that one.

If you need a bigger pack that holds skis, boots, etc. and contains a hydration pouch, check out the Marmot Scree. Really nice pack designed for ski mountaineering, holds 100 oz bladder. Doesn't come with bladder so you need to get the same bladder w/ insulated tube I mentioned above.
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