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Clean Iron Method

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I've been reading about the Swix Clean Iron Method (CIM).
They recommend the touch and crayon method to start (which I've been doing initially with the typical wax procedure).
They then recommend ironing with the fiberlene between the iron and the base.
With the fiberlene attached to the front of the iron, I presume one can only iron in one direction.
I think this method may be good for applying the wax of the day, but initial application of base prep would be best done the traditional way.
Aside from what I just said, does anyone have any tips on the CIM?
Thank you.
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Sounds like a great way to sell fiberlene and irons with fiberlene clips on them.

Actually, it couldn't hurt. It would make for less wax to scrape off. As for better penetration, not sure.

FWIW, I don't see too many guys in the XC world doing this, unless they pull up to a race in a Swix van. And if there is a better way to wax, XC racers would be all about it.
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