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To start a ski club

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I have just started a new job in a college, which has about 20,000 students. I wanted to join a ski club here; but, as I found out, there is none. So I am tempted to start one on my own.

I want to know more about running a ski club before I commit myself to the job. Any pointers about running ski clubs would be appreciated

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I would check out some other ski clubs online. That should give you some ideas about what ski clubs do. Some clubs are really active and do lots of social things. Some clubs are less active they don't do anything but ski. My club kind of runs itself execpt for planning the trips. The VP does lots of work on that for us. I will list a link that should give you some good information about clubs, officers, and by laws for a club.

Good luck!

National Ski Council Federation

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You could contact the college Student Union. They may help you form a college ski club and they might help with funding.
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