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Yesterday I headed up to Sierra Summit for the 4th time this season. Thus far it has had some of the worst conditions I've ever seen there, but that can be said for a lot of resorts.

I was excited to ski the 2-3 feet of snow they've got over the last couple of weeks since I was there last.

As soon as I got there I headed up lift 1 and decided to take Academy down just to stretch my legs and work on skiing fakie a bit.

Half way down the 2 mile run I regretted paying $45 for the lift ticket. Everything on Academy was as solid as a rock. So I went down the freestyle park to scope out everything. Still pretty icy, not as bad, a lot of the kickers had melted down quite a bit from the lats time I was there but they also added some new tabletops, hips, and a quarter pipe, with a kicker at the top of it to drop in.

So I took the lift back up to the top of the park and started off the day hitting my favorite kicker...except the landing/top was significantly shorter than I thought, I got at least 3-4 feet off the top of the lip and landed flat bottom.

I just let myself tumble and got away with little more than having the wind knocked out of me a bit. Not quite gasping for air, but close. At least I got my first fall on my new skis where my bindings released out of the way.

Anyway, the day turned out to be a lot of fun. Upper Tollhouse always has great conditions thought the snow got heavy and slushy towards the end of the day. Since I had been there last a nice little drop in on the side of the run had formed which was fun to practice on for my upcoming kirkwood trip

Being nearly 50 degrees the snow got REALLY slushy, at the top of one of the lifts it was a 3 inch puddle of water that you could practice your water skiing on.

I'll have some video and pictures up soon...