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FS Head Monster im75 Chip

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'04/'05 Head Monster iM75 Chip w/Tyrolia sld11 railflex2 bindings 156cm

I bought these at the end of last season and have used them exactly twice: 1)on a very icy day at Catamount at the very end of last season and 2) Powder Daize at Plattekill last week. I was looking at a few different skis and somehow confused myself on sizing charts and unfortunately bought these too short:

I'm 5'7" 145, level 7ish. They really do handle everything well... super grippy in ice, float through the pow and will cut through crud with ease. These skis always want to go go go, but I personally don't feel stable at higher speeds on them

I'm really not sure what's a fair price for these at this point :... so all serious offers will be considered and any help from the expert bears on price would be greatly appreciated
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These were used yesterday for a 3rd time, again at Catamount(only two times I've ever been there... went with the same friend to take his young kids, good learning hill for them.) Conditions were excellent hardpack with a little bit of ice that popped up late afternoon.

After doing some reading here and on realskiers.com, I decided to give these one more try. I adjusted the railflex bindings forward to the +15mm position to see if this gave me more control... I couldn't believe the difference!

I used to ski more slalom back in the days of straight skis(Rossi 4s') so I prefer the shorter turning radius(14.1 in these at 156.) I had felt before like there wasn't enough ski in FRONT of me, but I've now realized after my reading and yesterday's skiing that I didn't have enough ski BEHIND me. They were much more responsive and the stability that I thought was lacking at higher speeds before was no longer an issue.

Later in the day, I put them through some bumps... while they'e heavy, the short length and adjusted binding position made them very maneuverable here too, with the same results the couple of times I darted into the trees(not exactly the mtn for this but I had to try)

While I'd still sell them, I no longer feel that I need to dump 'em as unusable for me... As I'm 5'6" 140, Level 7ish and, as written earlier, prefer/used to a shorter tunring radius, I've begun to rethink building around these as the All-Mountain ski I bought them to be instead of rebuilding the quiver from scratch. As they've now proved more than usable for me, I think it may make more sense to add a hard-pack/groomed carver. I do spend a lot more time in the EC hardstuff and probably should've started here to begin with: RX8, S5, XRC1200/Supershape, other suggestions?

Which brings me to a question that I'm hoping someone can help me with... As the im75's use the Tyrolia Railflex 2 system, can the SLD11 bindings I have on 'em work with any ski that uses the RF2 system, specifically the Fischer's? That could give a 165 RX8 the nod...

Thx all!
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I believe that if they both use the Railflex2, you could swap the bindings between them. Whether it is cost effective or not is another story. I think that you will find it difficult to find an RX-8 with the rail mounted, but without a binding. You are also unlikely to find a flat RX-8. If you did, you could buy the rail cheap ($10-$20), and use your current binding. You would most likely want to have a shop mount the rail as they require a fixture (which many shops do not have) and this would require a few more dollars.
If you decide that you definitely want an RX-8, I would buy one with a binding and the Railflex. It will be easier to find and probably cost about the same. When you decide to sell the RX-8, it will be much easier to sell it with the Railflex binding than without.
If your primary goal is to use the same binding on both skis, you are better off finding a flat carving ski (not so easy these days) and buy the rail and have it installed.
Again, at resale time, selling a ski without a binding may not be so easy.
Since I have had several Fischer skis simultaneously with Railflex systems, I pondered the same question you are asking, but I never was able to justify it when it came to convenience and resale.
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Thx quickk9... That was indeed what I was thinking, but it wasn't selling the rx8s I was worried about... with the amount of interest, or lack thereof, in these im75s at this point of their young life, if I can't sell 'em now, they ain't gonna sell a year or two from now!

I also started to realize yesterday that my boots are too big in the heel... I found a pair of New '06 Lange Comp 120's MF and was wondering if someone could confirm that $230 shipped is as good of a deal as I think it is, so ?
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