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Calgary Rental Car Question

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Here's an odd one. While talking to a Banff PR person yesterday, she mentioned that at the Calgary airport, all of the car rental companies except Enterprise close at 7 pm. Sounded ridiculous, but she swore it was true... can anyone confirm?
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Car Rental

I'd follow up with the rental agencies. We skied Banff during the Xmas season and rented through Avis. We had the red-eye flight back home outbound from Calgary. It was well after 7pm(8:30ish) when we dropped the car off and there were also people picking up cars at that time. Staff was onhand. Whether that applies to other rental agencies, I don't know but I have a hard time believing that they would be closed after 7.
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Holy crap... I just called the Calgary Airport Authority and the woman there confirmed what I quoted above. She sounded embarrassed.

Isn't Calgary considered a major western Canadian city? Well, that's good for Enterprise Car Rental, I guess.
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I would still call the specific agencies and ask them. Hertz website says hours of operation at YYC are 06:00 - 01:00

And from my experience with Hertz at other airports, if they know what flight you are on and that it's delayed, they stay until you get there. I would be almost positive that Avis operates the same way.
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lots of cheap, and often bus shuttles to and from banff, let someone else deal with the drive, look at the mountains, sleep etc.

banff airporter

rocky mountain shuttle


cheaper then a rental, and you dont usually need a car in banff
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Thanks, I'll look into it. I arrive at 9:15 pm; hope they have shuttles that leave late.
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Frankly, this sounds a little odd because Calgary International is a major airport. By the way, when I go there I always get rental vehicles from Hotwire. I generally find that is saves me about $100 for the week.
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