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New Bike Rack

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Hey all. I got a new (used) car this winter that my current bike rack is not compatible with. My current rack is a Thule, and I have to say, it has been a disappointment from a quality/functionality standpoint.

Anyways, with spring soon here, I'm looking for recommendations on a solid bike rack. If make/model of the car matter, I can post that info as well.

Many thanks for any insights.
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Are you looking for the roof-top kind or the trunk-mounted kind? I had a Thule roof-rack one that worked great (just doesn't fit my current car). But as you just mentioned you didn't like your Thule...

As for trunk-mounted ones. Two friends of mine use the Saris Bones rack. Easy on, easy off, super stable. I haven't heard them complaining, and they drive their bikes all over New England.

Edit: forgot to say. I just keep mine in the car. Fold the back seats down and in it goes.
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Kevin, thanks for the response.

I didn't want to bore everyone with details, but years gone by, I threw my dog and my bike in my Jeep with the seats folded down. Then I married another dog (not literally! ) and my wife took my Jeep. So now I have to take my bike and two dogs, which no longer worked without a rack. That's when I got the Thule, which was a hitch mount for my Wrangler (at the time, the wife still let me take it biking on evenings/weekends, now her work schedule doesn't allow unfettered access to the Jeep, so I need a new rack for my car)....

Anyways, I would prefer not to use a roof rack, but I'm driving an 05 GTI. Do they make a rear-rack for a hatchback or am I stuck with a roof rack??
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I checked out the Saris page, it appears the Bones rack would work even for a hatchback. And it appears to get good reviews.


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