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The basic skills are used in all ski maneuvers, so they would transfer. However it needs to be remembered that different maneuvers use a different combination of those skills. So even though the foundational skills might be similar, the application (DIRT) certainly wouldn't be.
interesting, I just had this converstaion today! You could be quoting me here, right down to the DIRT.

I started with : "The round turn is the basis for all turns." and ended with changing the duration/intensity of the elements gives you the rest of the turns, J, comma, PET, etc.
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I am not much of a skier - but this phrase makes sense to me. My instructor at Stratton is always talking about making round full turns. This slows you down. I think sometimes he actually skies up hill a little bit at the end of his turn.

It's pretty hard for me to do this though.

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