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Originally Posted by barrettscv View Post
Ditto, I'm a member of the 230 Lbs club and have used a RX8 in a 175cm; it's not a noodle!


I am 6 foot and 230-240. With gear and a pack you are talking 260-270. I love the RX8s. I ski them in 170. I got a lot more ski than I expected. They are versatile, forgiving, willing to make a variety of turn shapes, have great edge hold, and are stable at speed. The RX8 will lay veritable trenches if you lay it over and let it run. The ski also gives great feedback without being too twitchy or too damp.

If you want to focus on long turns, go with the RX9s. I liked the RX9s a lot as well, great ski that prefers longer turn radius. If my home hill was a larger western mountain with wide open groomers or wider less crowded trails I would probably go with the RX9. But for a versatile, high performance, east coast ski the RX8 is up there with the best.

I also ski volkl explosivs, which noone would ever consider a noodle.
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RX8s good for big guys

Sorry it took me awhile to find this thread. I'm 43, 5' 9" 215#.

I skied the RX8s on steep, fast, bump-free runs all day last week. Legs were not really that tired, which is definitely a new experience for me. The skis never felt soft nor did I feel in danger they were going to let go on me. I was mixing up shorter, medium and long-radius turns.

I'm not a bump-skier, so I can't comment there.

Definitely love the skies and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to bigger guys.
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Elan Speedwave 14 won the contest

I got cold feet on the Contact 11's after talking to a friend that had skied them so I pulled my order before they shipped. The thought was they may be too damp for my preferred ski feeling. I was also looking for a good medium radius carver, not GS Biased but basically in the middle (as multipurpose as possible). There were so many reports that the RX-8 would hold up to my size that I was kind of leaning to a slalom based ski.

I got a good deal on the Elan Speedwave 14's in the 176cm and from the reports I read they sound like an RX-8 but a little stouter still which I think I will like. Turn Radius is 14.6M.

The Contact 11's were probably the better soft snow ski for sure but with the $ I saved will go towards a dedicated softer snow/crud ski next fall if I feel the need.

I will be trying them Sunday in Sunday River so I will report my findings.

Thanks to everyone for the great help on this.
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I would recommend the Fischer Worldcup RC but if you want an 07 go up to the 180 otherwise go with a an older universal plate RC in 175. I weight 215-220 and currently own the RC in 175 and 180 as well as the Head Supershape Speed in 177. All are good choices for you based on my experience. I also just bought a pair of 07 RX8s in 175 as a recreation ski.
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