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Good Foreign Retailer ($$)

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I just ordered a new pair of '07 Volkl Karma 169 cm as well as a set of Marker M.11 Free bindings to go along side of them. Where I live, in Canada (Toronto), they would have cost me $1025 (CDN). I believe that works out to about $875 USD.

On a site I found, I got this combo for about $550 CDN, about $470 USD. That's HALF PRICE! It cost 50 Euro's for delivery here, which was included in that price. They set it up so that you can seleect through a chain. Start with skis, then move onto bindings which are ideal for the ski you selected. You can stop there, or add boots in. Every time you add something new into the package, the overall price goes down. You can also choose skis only, but the price is dramaticall lower when you bundle. If I were to buy the boots alone afterward, separate from the bundle, the price would have been 150 euros higher. The savings are seriously high.

Unfortunately, I didn't buy the boots because they weren't available in my size, and none of them met my fancy.

I am now looking for a similar site that is based somewhere closer to the manufacturer. Preferably Dalbellos, so somewhere close to Italy, but any European store for any and all European-made boots. I am looking for a site like this to buy boots for my new skis, at a better price than North American dealers.

Does anybody know of any sites like this?

Thanks !
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Hi Karma,
I'd advise you NOT to buy boots online. Go to a bootfitter, and get the right pair of boots - the ones that fit you, and are fitted to you. In the long run, that will save you more on time, money (and pain) than buying online.
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That is a smarter idea, they would be much more comfortable and intended for my purposes
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Karma , Since you got such a great deal why not pass along the web site of the place where you bought your skis and bindings.
What Fox said about boots This is getting close to the time of year that many boot fitters will start discounting their boots You may be able to find a good deal on a proper fitting boot. Don't worry about the Brand just get what fits your foot.
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sorry, I forgot entirely to say the site, which really did have AWESOME deals. The site was: sport-conrad.com. You have to click on the language changer in the top right to English
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