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Anyone skied Las Vegas lately?

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I know this is a long shot but I am wondering if any bears have skied at Las Vegas Ski Resort this season? I have to go to Vegas for a convention in two weeks and am wondering if it is worth it to take my boards for a day of skiing before locking myself into the convention center. Looking at the area's site, it appears that coverage is good enough (30+ inches) but until this week it warned of obstacles (rare for a snow report). If anyone has experience that could guide me, I would appreciate it.
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Not familiar with LVSR but how about Brian Head in Utah? Longer drive of course.
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i'd call and ask them. i believe a storm took out one of their lifts within the past 2 years.
i've heard its not usually worth it. they usually have poor coverage and not much to ski for the drive; but you dont know until you ask.
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You know I just took a look and it doesn't look half bad. Might be a nice break from the Strip. I wouldn't necessarily bring your skis but just rent for the day from them. Seems pretty reasonable too.

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I see there is a ski shop in Vegas http://www.mcghies.com/; I think I will call them as well.
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