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Overall gear Q

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I just ordered a pair of 169 cm Volkl Karmas from an Austrian ski store, so they have not yet arrived, but I was curious about them a little bit. Let me just say a little about why I bought them. I only really bought twin tips because I wanted twin tips, otherwise I would have bought a ski more for all mountain carving, schuss, etc. I have some snowboarding friends, and I wanted a ski that I could use to have some fun in the terrain parks with them. Mainly though, I ski in moguls, trees, and alot of crud and powder too. I wanted a ski that was
a) twin tipped
b) good in bumps, trees
c) fast as possible without affecting the bump aspect of the skis (two things I know contradict eachother).

Do you think I made a good choice?

Firstly, I do not know where to mount the bindings on the skis. I am more into all mountain, so further back I'm sure.

I got a set of Marker M11 Frees to go with these skis, but I don't know what boots to put into them. I wuld like to have something that matches my "outfit" and skis, going with the browns and white, but mostly brown. I had the following in mind:

a) Lange CRL 70 Mens (in a brown colour, a picture of which I only found on one site: www.geardirect.com/.../ volkl1.gif%20/store_id/0 )

b) Dalbello Krypton Rampage

I cannot find a good online store with my sizes in these boots (so if you know of one, that'd be great). If you have a better suggestion, I would love to hear it as well. Just keep in mind that I have about $250 (CDN) to spend on boots, so shipping to Toronto is something I have to consider as well in the price (I believe that's about $215 USD).

And yes, there are sites with prices even better than this, where even with shipping the price can be about 2oo or just over. For example I just ordered my 07 Karmas from some Austrian store (or something) for about $550 CDN, including Marker M11 Free bindingswhich, at retail, would have costed me about or just under $1000 CDN, according to other sites.

Thank you very much!

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You are going to get a bunch of responses that will tell you the same thing: Find the boot that fits, not the one that matches your outfit, and get it fitted by a good bootfitter. It won't matter how well your outfit matches if you are sitting in the lodge because of foot pain.

Good choice on the ski though; I personally haven't skiied them but the general consensus on Epic is that the Karma is a great all-mountain twin tip.
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Thanks, and I understand the whole outfit thing. The truth is, Its just a nice add on, I of course want a pair that fits, but hey, there has got to be more than one that does, and in that case, I'll choose a brown, white or orange one There can't be only one comfortable pair
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