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The big one is coming. I will go out on a limb and say it is going to snow from tonight until monday and I would think upper mountain will score 5 feet.

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You mean something like this? I'm going
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lookin' like i'll be at Squaw on Saturday and undecided about Sunday. Depending on conditions, may end up at Alpine or Northstar (where I have cheap tix).
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It's that wind that's got me wondering... and it looks like the storm has been downgraded somewhat from earlier projections. Still - one takes what one can get.
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I just got into Rocklin from up there, and as I was leaving at about 1:30pm the storm was starting to move in...Temp was dropping like a mad man and the wind was blowin' really good all day.

This was at SugarBowl skiing w/the family. Snow was really heavy slush and firming up fast during my last couple runs.

I ski'd Alpine on Sunday and the snow was about the same. The wind really wasn't too much of a factor.

Look's like this storm cycle should pack a punch which the area really needs...I don't remember the lack of snow/conditions ever being this bad in Tahoe this late in the season. Makes me really sad and I can't wait to get back to Mt. Hood this weekend with all the snow they are getting right now.
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What is that big ugly green thing in the Pacific?
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