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Proper Boot Size

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Assuming you have found an appropriate boot make and model, how do you select the best size? My current method is to shell fit the boot ensuring there is enough room for only 1 to 1 1/2 fingers between my heel and the shell and then to try the boot on with the liner, looking for a boot size that seems small (perhaps which I can only buckle to the first tooth on each ladder). My rationale for the second step is that knowing boots will very quickly seem roomier, a boot I can barely fit into at first in a shop will fit nice and snugly after a bit of breaking in.

Any suggestions/additions to these methods?
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1cm behind the heel, (not sure if that is the same as your fingers)

rest is right
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Isn't that doing things backwards? I thought you were supposed to measure your foot first, then find the make of boot that fits your foot (length, width, instep & calf).
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I'm not sure what you mean. I've measured my foot, ankle, and leg, of course, but how can you use that to find the boot that best fits you without trying it on?
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I think you're both saying the same thing. You take measurements and examine foot characteristics to identify potential brands/models that could be a good fit. Then you use the techniques you described to determine fit/suitability among the selected models. My .02
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