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I had surgery to correct a spine problem in early November '06. The prognosis regarding my 06/07 ski season was excellent at the time. Doc said that I should be on
skis by January 1st. Unfortunately, reality intervened in the form of surgery complications. The short version of what happened next is that I wound up having 4 surgeries over a space of 6 weeks to correct them. My outlook is great--no reason why I can't resume my pre-surgery athletic activities.

The problem is my quads. Due to convalescence in the hospital--at one point involving 5 days flat on my back in the ICU--my quads have left town. I have heard that inactive quads will atrophy fast, but nothing prepared me for how fast it happens.

I am about to begin PT to rehab and hopefully salvage some of this season. I would appreciate hearing from anyone else who has had the experience of rapid loss of quad muscle mass and how the rehab process went.

I did a search on this site and have not come up with any direct treatment of this question. Most of them address how best to return to skiing as determined by the rehab process for ACL tears and other stuff and don't address the quad rebuilding process directly.