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Trip to Denver

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I'll be flying late to Denver 16 Mar through 25 Mar and staying near 1400 S Colorado Blvd.

Was wondering where the ski areas are in relation to this location. The closest, or the best. I'll be skiing the 17th, 18th and 19, then again the 24th and 25th (flying out the night of 25 Mar).

Also if anyone know cheap hotels in this area (company pays for part of my stay, I pay for rest)

Thanks for any help.

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All of the Front Range resorts are a possibility for you. Most are in the 90 minute drive range. Winterpark, Loveland, A-Basin, Copper, Keystone, & Breck. For Vail add 30 minutes to your drive.

Not sure about the motels, but Motel 6 is through out the area. They are generally cheap and clean.
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Thanks.. So far I think it will be A-basin. Closer and the lift tix aren't too expensive.. I'm renting a car, will I need chains or are the roads pretty clear most of the time?
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Loveland is a great area too, and just an hour from downtown Denver.
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In the close to 20 years I have lived out here, I have never seen chains required for a car. Truckers yes, but cars no. I have heard it happens, but obviously not very often.
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I-70 is almost allways pretty good. Except for Weekend traffic.
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