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Vancouver 2010

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It was just announced that Vancouver/Whistler will hold the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.
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Is that good news for all of the BC areas or will it all be pretty West Coast specific?
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As far as I have heard indoor events i.e. skating and hockey will be in Van, and everything else will be at Whistler. I went there for the first time last year. 6 days in Whistler, 2 days in Van. Beautiful place and the nicest people in the world. I am very happy for them!!!


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Van was a nice place to grow up and Whistler was a great training area and "secret" before it was "discovered". Hate to sound bitter...but...ever since Expo in 1986 Vancouver and environs have become trendy and garish. Whistler has evolved into Hollywood north.
When I trained and lived in Whistler in the mid through late 70's we dreamed of the recognition that kind of terrain and vertical careful of what you wish for...time spent between UBC, Garibaldi and Kits beach seemed idylic now your average Canuck of the status I grew up in, can't even fog the window looking in.
The highway up to Whistler is going to be a monster to widen and upgrade for these events and will have negative enviro and scenic impacts...they've tried before only to kill a few dozer ooperators.
Just like Expo, more trend travelers will "discover" the area and californicate it.
Guess I will keep going to the interior to if I could only keep the Powder editors out of Fernie, BW etc....can't anyone in this sport keep a frigin' secret anymore?
BTW, I have frequently run the Wh. could be one of the best...but has trouble with snow...sometimes too much, sometimes not enough and usually delays due to fog and visibility....the WC there has been cancelled most of the time. Grouse should get the freestyle, Cypress some Nordic...and Seymour....Tubing? SIGH!
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I guess they were afraid to give it to the Koreans since by the year 2010 we will have either made Korea our 51st state, or run amuck and left it a bombed out shell.
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It seems like someone has a bug up their arse.

Contrary to what many might believe, not having the Olympics will not increase funding for health care and education. The federal transfer payments are coming for the Olympics. They would otherwise still be sent to the frenchies and unemployed cod fishermen. Having the Olympics is a huge boost to the economy of the west (BC in particular, Vancouver/Whistler even more specifically). The construction of sports venues, accomodation, and trasportation will generate much needed employment, and if the workers have money in their pockets, they will spend it.

I travel through BC in the winter quite extensively, and I can say there is no deal going to BW, SS, SP, F, etc. Accomodation rates are comparable to Whistler, and lift tickets might be a $10 saving for 1/5th of the terrain. Unless one has an oversized liver and want to make use of it, there is nothing to do at the smaller resorts once the lifts close.

The World Cup DHs were cancelled when they started having the races in early December. When they raced at the end of the season, or the odd times in the middle of winter, all races got off. You can blame America for the cancelled races, since they lobbied to have the FIS WC start (other than the October GS on a European glacier). December in Whistler is stormy due to its geographic location. The Olympics will be in February, which typically is cold, clear and dry, making for excellent race conditions.

Having the Olympic Games is an honour. I won't be going to hockey games and figure skating events, but someone will. Let people spend money which will help the community.
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Originally posted by Johnny Boy:
Is that good news for all of the BC areas or will it all be pretty West Coast specific?
Seeing as most of B.C. is not close to Vangroovy I'd say it will be pretty west coast pacific.
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Congrats! Canada is my favourite country. You deserve it!
Drat!!! We should have bought that Whistler condo 3 years ago!!!
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I dunno Robin... I kind of like the new Vancouver & Whistler. The city was pretty dumpy before Expo. Our skyline now shines with new buildings everywhere, and is unmistakable. The cruise ship and movie industry has brought a new vibrancy to the place. What you describe as trendy and garish, I call style and character. The city is unique, and doesn't try to emulate New York, LA, Toronto, etc... this is Vancouver, take it or leave it, and our lifestlye is the envy of most urban dwellers.

The old Whistler? Remember the horrendous weekend lines on the old double chairs? 1 1/2 hr to get to the top of the t-bars wasn't unusual. The grub in the old roundhouse was awful, and Dusty's was a crowded sweaty-damp experience. The addition of that little hill called Blackcomb was welcome, as was the Peak Chair. And it's nice they reclaimed the garbage dump to build some places to stay so you didn't have to risk your life driving the old highway each night; now THAT was a scary road, with scarier drivers!

Good riddance to the good old days... bring on the Olympics!
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Originally posted by BetaRacer:
You can blame America for the cancelled races.
Might as well, America gets the blame for everything else. :

Anyway, congrats to Whistler, etc. I haven't been to BC yet, hopefully I'll make it before 2010. I wonder if this means no 2012 Olympics for NY.
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I lived in Canada for three years and worked for Robin for one. That makes me one-tenth Canadian.

It is a great country full of wonderful people. The Olympic thing is great.
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Originally posted by Rusty Guy:
I guess they were afraid to give it to the Koreans since by the year 2010 we will have either made Korea our 51st state, or run amuck and left it a bombed out shell.
This is a very scary statement, and not the least bit funny or tasteful. If this is the position of the American people, it is clear that the biggest threat to world peace comes from the US. Hardly the type of statement that's appropriate to a thread about the Olympics. I am deeply offended.
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Well I'm an Aussie and I think it's great that Vancouver got the olympics.

I spent a couple of months in Whistler in 96 and plan to visit again next year. I love the place and will definately be there in 2010.

I went to the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and it was one of the best experiences in my life. The whole city seemed to be under a happiness spell and everyone was just ready to make friends with everyone.

I think Canadians are much the same as Aussies and therefore they will also host a very friendly games.

CONGRATS CANADA [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

BTW: Are there any Canadians reading this that can tell me if the organising committee has been set up yet?
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Bug removed...I went over and worked the 88 games when I was coaching in Panorama, and loved the was a boon for Calgary!
I do forget the crappy lifts etc. and lack of accomodation for touristas but some of the romance is gone....the old roundhouse burgers weren't that bad...the whiskeyjacks liked them!
Everything has to change...I am just becoming my Father as I get older...he is one of those "old-pre-Pearson-flag-flyer" curmudgeons over in Victoria!
I remember sitting down in the early years with Al Raine as he described his vision of Whistler, a place to be called Blackcomb, Brandywine etc...and how excited we all were...every year when I go back...I just wonder what we have achieved.
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Holy Lester B Pearson of the things "you people" never quite grasp is American satire. No one is more concerned about American colonization of the world than I am. Next on the agenda is Liberia. They must have oil or something. Bite your tongue JR or the next time you cross border shop you'll be sent off to a long Holiday at git-mo (USMC slang for Guantanamoe).

In short....don't be "browned off" was an attempt at black humor. If this bothers you, for the love of Pete, don't go to powdermag.

Hope the guys at "the other forum" don't see this or it will provide cannon fodder for their argument that this place is dull!
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Betaracer (and all BC'ers):


Having lived through the runup and the actual events of the 2002 SLC Olympics, I predict say you'll all have a fabulous time.

There will be lots of naysayers and plenty of controversies leading up to the Opening Ceremonies... don't pay any attention to them at all. Once all those incredible athletes start marching into the stadium, it will be the experience of a lifetime.

I had so much fun as a volunteer course worker (shovel grunt) on the Men's Downhill that I would *love* to do it again. Are you planning to do anything like that?

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Hey Rusty Guy; sorry, but I find no humour in the matter, any more than if someone was making jokes about US service people and civilians perishing in the nastiness of the last couple years. I live about 10km from the border, and its become a very different, self-centred and angry world down there. It hurts, but I gotta say not many people I know are in a big hurry to return, and border hopping was once almost a daily ritual. A life is a life, military or civilian, American, Canadian, Korean, Afghan, Iraqi, whatever. I'm a peaceful man, and though I recognize there's ugliness in the world, I don't have to like it, and sometimes I gotta say it... so I did. Free speech & all that.

Peace, bro... may the world come to its senses.
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Anyone who attends the 2010 Olympics will not only have the pleasure of visiting onee of the world's most beautiful, unique cities, but one whose residents are, for the most part, charming, outgoing and helpful to visiters!
The Olympic commitee made an excellent choice!
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I agree. I take a lot of heat for being deeply disturbed by our foreign/military policies. I'm not a Bush fan.

Patriotism in the US has somehow gotten intertwined with being a hawk. Your either for us or against us is the motto of the flag waver. "You people" (tongue firmly in cheek) have every right ti be puzzled/disgusted by your neighbors. I certainly am bothered. topic....don't want to stray or the thread police will get me.

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I was uploading on one of the Blackcomb quads (race camp on the Horstman Glacier) when the results were announced. You could hear cheers all up and down the mountain, and the mood in the village that night was particularly festive.

They are already doing quite a bit of work on Highway 99, widening and generally making is a better drive. I'm sure that by the time the Olympics roll into town most of us won't recognize the road- for the better.
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Alaska Mike,

You just had to mention again that you had been skiing didn't you?
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Congrats Van!!! I know that your city and the locals will put on one event to be remembered for a very long time.

It's funny that the Olympics is the largest event in the world representing peace and humanity. The discussion going on here about Korea is another aspect of the Olympics which plays an important role in how the Games unfold and are eventually percieved; that is the cultural aspect.

I've found the Canadians (especially from the West) to be freindly, helpful and passionate. These vertues are what really shapes the Games and makes them what they are.

The Canadians will be given a voice that will be listened to in the coming years and I imagine that this voice will tackle curltual debates with a balanced insight the world needs. I can't think of a warmer place (in such a cold environment) for both the Olympic movement and the city to benefit one another.

And by the amount of partying going on already I can't wait to see the city go off in 2010.
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There is a push for the 2014 games to be hosted by Reno Nevada. It looks like this may be passed over by the IOC as the awarding of the games to the same continent in consecutive years is not the norm. However, the 2018 could materialize. Any thoughts on the impact to the Tahoe area from the return of the games? They were last held here in 1960 at Squaw Valley.
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Rusty, you should have stuck to your guns. Instead, you folded.

JR...too bad you were offended by the remarks...and I don't care if the thread gets blasted. I won't sit idly by on your remarks. The bottom line is the US can't win no matter what we do. Liberia is a perfect example. I personally couldn't care less if we go there or not but if we don't...we'll be persecuted for NOT helping. If we go help, people of your mindset (and the folding Rusty) think we're trying to take over.

How about we just say NO to everybody that wants our help or wants to come to the US and you guys take care of it instead. I guarantee you that the US will be the 1st to come to Canada's aid when they have some kind of tragedy. I'm sure you'd be the 1st to say "no thanks, we'll take care of it". As bad as your economy has become at times, think where it would be w/o the US dollar and US visitors.


As far as the Olympics go, I think it's a great deal for Canada. Everybody should make a ton of $$ from all the tourists coming in (probably 50% US $$). It wouldn't surprise me if BC is North America's Amsterdam by then either. Heck, I was in Whistler twice this past Winter and they were selling weed over the counter at the pizza shop (next to Quizno's in the village) and a boardshop (across the street from Quiznos's, next to KFC). Put the GST on that stuff and make even more $$. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Let us bow down and worship the almighty.

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You should, we whipped your sorry asses.

And if we weren't such great, ahem, "friends" and "allies", I'd support doing it again just for kicks. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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