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07-08 Mantra

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Does anyone know the new dimensions, any additional changes in flex?
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do a search for the "08 volkl lineup." there is a thread in here that has all the new specs.
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08 mantra

130-94-113 in 07
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New Mantra was fun, but guys in the East may like the older one's more. Little more flexibility, The new anchors that Volkl is using tends to stiffen the ski up over the edge which IMO is a good thing. Some guys will like the versatility of the the older model.

'07 Volkl Mantra $599
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Festerskis - where is that review of the 08 Mantra . With the stiffening of the new model will it lose some of its soft snow ability? How about that quickness under foot - is that still the same on the 08 or has it slowed down like most skis in the mid to upper 90's?

I'm probably over reading your last post and have a lot of interest in both skis. I've skied the 07 several times this year and have enjoyed it - I'd love to hear the advantages/disadvantages of the 08. Thanks
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How can I get hold of a pair of 08 Mantras (184 cm's)....Played with a pair at a shop in Tahoe..(the ski shop owners skis!!).....looked and felt awesome..
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New Mantra is just as versatile as the '07 Mantra in all conditions. I like wide, I no longer own anything narrower than 90mm underfoot. The '08 Mantra was extremely responsive underfoot for being wider. It is a very subtle change from '07 and if I were trying to build a quiver I would get an '08 Gotama with the '07 Mantra.

I would still use my Mantra that I have currently for those more firm days that I still want something that is going to edge, but at the same time it is going to plow through the soft snow on the side of the trail with ease. It is not really much stiffer, just where it is needed. The anchors on the '06 Mantra had issues and with the change to '07 they made them deeper and the same for '08.

I think they are trying to get it back to where the Explosiv was in '05 before the Mantra was introduced. The new '08 Gotama would stil lbe my go to ski for powder days when I am not playing on my Line Elizabeths which I have actually been using more as my all mountain ski more than anything. 16m turn radius on the Elizabeth with a 110mm's underfoot.

So in all the Mantra still has the great edge that it had in '07 it is just slightly wider and slightly stiffer torsionally. You can not go wrong with either ski. If you mount a Z12 Ti Binding on the '07 Mantra it only weighs 11.5lbs for a pair in a 170cm length.

'07 Mantra

'08 Gotama

I may have some '08 Mantra's soon but I think it will be a 177cm not 184cm.
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Thanks for the review . . .

With the updated stiffness do you think the 08 184 will ski like the 07 191? I noticed that you were getting some 177's in the near future - any idea on the arrival of the 184's?

Thanks again - I'm a bit surprised there isn't more info out yet as I know they have been at most the demo days for shops and reps.
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I don't feel it skied that much stiffer than that of the '07. The 184cm is still the pick length in the Mantra for guys bigger then 180lbs. I too am surprised that not many guys are talking about them. Like I said before some guys are going to like the new ski, but I still think many guys are going to stay with the 94mm waisted ski and then get something like a Gotama or a Katana for a second ski. The '08 Mantra was a blast and I think it is great for my style of skiing, but many people are still trying to transition to the wider skis. Everything I own is over 90mm so it is easy for me to like a ski at 96mm underfoot. Others I think will still enjoy the '07 for the money they can get them for right now.

'07 Volkl Mantra
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Anyone want a 177cm Mantra '08 let me know. First come first serve.
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08 Mantra

Sounds good:

Any way you would take my 07 Nordica Enforcers 177cm mounted with Salomon Z12's on the ride line for a 314mm sole with cash? They have less than 2 hours on 'em ( day after Valentines Day storm)? As perfect as they can be and be mounted.

I'm in NH
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Sorry no trades. Really have little use for Used skis. Wouldn't be able to offer you enough to make it worth it. Mantra IMO is a much more versatile ski and is much more in demand than the Enforcer.
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Originally Posted by FesterSkis View Post
Anyone want a 177cm Mantra '08 let me know. First come first serve.
When do the 184's start rollin' in?

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I will see what I can do.
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Add me to the list of those interested in a 184.
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I have another '08 Mantra 177cm for sale, sorry still no 184cm.

Give a call 1-877-865-0740

Also, 183cm Katana's are available and going fast. Talked ot some friends that skied them including some of the Volkl reps and they had a blast on them this weekend.

'08 Volkl Katana
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