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forward pressure

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Does anyone know to check if the forward pressure on a Look Binding (PX 12), is set correctly? I want to make sure the work is done right
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There should be a window on the left side of the heel piece, close to the most rearward screw, (when looking from heel to toe) with a yellow indicator...The indicator should be in the middle of the window w/the boot clicked in for proper forward pressure.

In contrast to the Pivot version, the PX version has a ladder instead of a screw...As long as the indicator is close to the middle you are o.k.. There's some tolerance allowed due to the stepping nature of the ladder type adjuster.
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Edit to above post:

The window is on top of the heel piece, visible when you move the binding into it's upward position...Sorry, I confused the window w/another binding and just checked my pair.
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