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The signs of winter are starting to appear....

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I am starting to get excited! All the signs of winter are starting to come together: it wasn't hot last night--so the weather is starting to change; the leaves will begin to turn on Lone Peak within couple of days; Gart's has put up the tarps for next week's annual SNIAGRAB sale; T-line's Labor Day closer is coming up NEXT WEEK; the snowcone places don't have any lines anymore and will soon be boarded up and hauled away; the ski swap mailers and signs have started appearing; the outdoor swimming pools start to close in 11 days; a few days after that it'll be cold enough in the early morning to see my breath; then the golf courses won't allow carts on the morning frost; the haunted shacks will rev up their spotlights; Christmas stuff will start appearing in stores before we're even munching on candy corn; the week after Halloween my studded snows go back on; the howling cold north winds will begin to blow; the high mountains will have snow; all my gear will be ready to go; all the wimps will complain of the cold; we'll get a huge dump and then somebody, somewhere will switch on that first chair and I'll spend the next several months living life again....
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Poetry. Pure poetry...

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The Gods of skiing are about to wake from their sleep. May they provide us with another miracle year of wonderful white and deep.

Tis time for the annual praying to the North and the setting sun, of worn out VCR's, and mandatory pilgrimages to festivals called SNIAGRAB for fun.

For soon we will see the crystallized result of those winter lords. Of skis being waxed and lifts being run.

What blessing we will count as we wait in line, hoping to be the first to take the fall line. With swoosh and zoom down we will go, repeating the process of a winter long ago.



Or as Andy Rooney would probably say: "Have you ever wondered why a perfect fall line arc looks like a smile? Or why those little bums on the slope look like chuckles?"
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Great post endless.

Is there any information online for the SNIAGRAB? I am thinking about making a trek out to SLC to look for apartments.
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I am stuck in an office from now till late November stocking up the ski bank with some more readies .... so I join the ultragym around the corner to start my annual ski fit program .... front up for my first class and out of the corner of my eye I spy one of the TVs showing an old ski movie .... dump the class and find a hamster mill under the TV and go into "pow mode" ....

ITS A SIGN from across the pond

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Same here (Colorado)too. Cooler and RAIN too. I say bring on 6 months of snow!!! 100 foot snow pack!!! Nonstop blizzards!!! Shops selling out of fatties for the endless pow!!!

A guy can dream, no?
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The leaves are starting to turn here in the high county. Last night, I had to get up and close the windows! School started today (thank God!). Kidsports in Vail is advertizing kids seasonal ski package rentals. I got my "prefered customer" early enterance card from Garts for the Denver SNAGRAB. The current issues of Ski, Skiing and Powder have replaced the Musicians Friend catalog in the bathroom. Can snow be far behind???!!!
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This thread makes me sad...the buds are starting to open, the days are getting longer and I have seen the first blow fly of summer. The cat is moulting and crop tops are appearing.

It seems only yesterday that the first snow fell. Can it really be spring next week? No way have I skiied enough this season!

Oh well time to start touring with picnics and a bottle of bubbly in the backback...spring does have some advnatages
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Well those of us from Colorado may have heard it's already snowed in the highcountry. I heard on the news last night enough to close a road ... not sure what road ...missed that part. A pass I am sure. So thats a definite sign winter is on it's way.
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mercuri22, heard that Trail Ridge rd was closed.

Other signs...WaYoos Fish Tacos had footage of skiing running on the TV intead of football!
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Yes that was the road .... GOOD SIGN
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I feel for ya Twynam
Come the end of our season I'll be dreaming about down under or any mountain south of the equator. Another sign of winter approaching is having to wear a jacket riding my cycle in the mountains in the middle of the day like I had to today. Brrrr LOVE IT!!!
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