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Split Tip

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What is the best way to fix a split tip. Last weekend a friend of mine noticed he had a small crack on the tip of his skis. By the end of the day one of the skis had banana peeled back. Is there a way to save these skis? He had just bought them from a ski swap this past summer. They are a pair of last years Atomics. Im not sure what set they are but they do not have a plastic tip. Would it be possible to fit a tip on there?
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I would think if it is just the tip this might work. Try some fiberglass resin and hardener. Available at a marine supply store. schmoo it in there and clamp it down and see if it holds.

30 years ago I had a pair of K2 comps that delaminated from just past the tip to almost the toe piece. We laid some glass in there and it held for almost the rest of the season. I think the flex was compromised though.
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Thanks for the advice.
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