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I just tried on a bunch of boots. Two came out fitting my feet better than the rest: Lange Comp (forgot the exact number) and the Salamon Scarlet.

Neither boot fit off the shelf. Each has some spots that needs work, just different spots.

The boot fitter is very knowledgable and assured me he can get either to fit. I trust him. So I can basically take one or the other. But what do I base on to choose?

So my question is, which will be a better choice and why? I can't seem to find any info on the Lange. Though that's not to say the Salamon's description of the Scarlet means much to me. Is there any difference between these two boot's design that makes any difference such as forward flex, lateral stiffness or even durability that would make one better starting point than the other?

Oh yes, I'm a light weight (110 lb) but all muscle. I like to ski aggresively though not very fast (if there's such a thing as a slow aggressive skier?)!