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Presidents Weekend - Jay, MRG & Sugarbush

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Haven't really seen many VT trip reports for the great conditions this past weekend...so here is a little update on my trip:

Left Philly about 3:00 on Friday afternoon to pick up a buddy in NYC and headed up to Burlington. Since Jay reported the most by Friday (50+), we decided to head over there on Saturday, Feb 17th.

Lift lines were pretty long (30+mins) but worth the wait. Took the tram up and worked our way over to Timbuktu and the OB glades to the right for a couple of runs. Pretty fresh and deep over there in the morning and on into the afternoon. We worked our way off the triple and headed to the Green Mountain Flyer lift for a few runs down Ullrs and on into Beaver Pond Glade. The bumps on Ullr were definitely heros with decent lines. Dont remember ever seeing a patch of ice anywhere on Jay...which was pretty awesome. Every run was better than the last and the snow was incredibly soft and plentiful. We overheard a worker in the ski shop at Jay say that they sold over 5200 or so lift tickets on Saturday, which set a single day record for the most tickets sold....so, it was juiced.

We hit up MRG on Sunday and ran into an unexpected (at least on our part) dumping pretty much the entire morning and on into the early part of the afternoon. I guess they reported 6 on Sunday, but it felt like 12. We worked off the single for the majority of the day and found some amazing tree lines between Chute and Fall Line. Like Jay, MRG was packed. The single had a 3 way serpendine line that was about 30 mins long. But again, worth the wait. The run of the day was our last one. We started off the single to Catamount Bowl and into Lower Antelope for some endless bumps. MRG was definately SICK on Sunday.

Monday we headed over to MRG's neighbor, Sugarbush. Knowing that they probably got similar snow to Mad River, we decided to test our luck there. Great idea on our part...though very cold (Castlerock hut was at minus 14 around noon) the snow was great, lift lines were pretty much non-existent and the sun was out for a bluebird day. We headed over to Sunrise and Morningstar to start the day and get the blood flowing. The bumps were perfect. Lines were filled in with new or drifting snow, good start. Headed up to Castlerock peak and hit up pretty much everything there. Rumble was decent, a little hairy at the top, but very nice after. We found some chutes and glades between Rumble and Middle Earth that were very nice. Deep powder and some very nice turns.

Overall I'd give it a 9.5/10 (only reason why it wasn't a full 10 is because I had to come back to reality and work today - which was no fun - wish I had another couple of weekdays up there). Below are some pictures...I'd like to put more on, but dont think I can.

1. Dave stuck in the pow at Jay
Attachment 1311

2. Single MRG
Attachment 1312

3. Me in and around Fall Line (MRG)
Attachment 1313
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More pics:

4. Bumps MRG
Attachment 1314

5. Castlerock Lift Sugarbush
Attachment 1315

6. Somewhere near Middle Earth
Attachment 1316
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jupp - it looks very nice - thanks for the pics
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Great pics! Next time this kind of snow happens take some SICK days!
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Oh believe me...I would have taken a SICK week if my partner in crime didnt have to get back to the NYC for the opening of the markets on Tuesday.
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cool looking line here. I don't see where it goes, but looks fun..

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Man what a great trip. Since you left from Philly, how long was the drive to and from the resorts? How were they places you stayed at?
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I think it ended up somewhere around....

Attachment 1331

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Originally Posted by jcnoble5 View Post

I think it ended up somewhere around....

Attachment 1331

YOU ARE MY HERO. Great stuff.
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I drove through NYC (not recommended due to traffic). I would suggest mapquesting or some other map thing on the net. The drive was about 7 hours (2 to NYC and another 5 to Burlington). We stayed in Burlington due to its proximity to the places we wanted to ski at. We didnt really want to deal with jumping from hotel to hotel if we didn't have to. Burlington was roughly 50+ miles from Jay (Jay is Northeast of Burlington) ~ over an hour drive due to back roads and such. Mad River and Sugarbush were about 40 or so minutes Southwest (I think) on I89. Not the shortest drives to the ski areas, but not that bad.
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I was in Stowe at the same time, and the conditions sound like exactly the same. Amazing snowfall on Sunday, amazingly cold on Monday. They were reporting -5 at base and -12 at summit, but our car thermometer, which tends to read high, read -9 at base. And the wind was horrendous, the gondola and quad were closed for a while in the a.m., and I took a total of one run off the gondi and decided it was just too windy and cold for me to ski up there. Anyone have any idea what the wind chill was on Mansfield on Monday?
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I was at Jay on the 19th, I can tell you it was cold and windy enough they shut down the tram as well as the Flyer. Unfortunently for us, we were among the last group to take the Flyer up before it was shut down. They had posted frost bite advisories with 40 mph winds. When we got there at 9am, the posting on the trail status said base temps were -10. It was definently wicked fierce.
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I bet they don't measure the wind chill temp so they don't have to report it. With your figures MassHat, -10 with 40 mph winds is a wind chill of -43 and a frostbite time of 10 minutes.
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