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Rock Repair?

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Hey folks, I had a trip to Utah a few weeks ago and scratched up my edges pretty badly on the crappy coverage. What steps should I take in deburring and sharpening the edges? Skis had a factory tune before, which for K2 is 1 degree base and 1.5 side, along with a slopeside sharpening (I know, I know, better to do it yourself, so I'm asking here). I have guides for 1 degree base and 2 degrees side. At present, I have a gummi stone, course and fine diamond stones and a bastard file.
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You may need a base fill and grind. I have a shop do that work for me and depending on the expertise there either ask them not to set the bevels and sharpen, or give them sharpening specifications. If not, I would set a 2-degree side edge starting deburring with a 100 to 150 grit diamond stone, file if necessary followed by 200 - 600 diamond honing. Detune slightly to taste, and very light deburr with the gummy.

BTW, SierraJim has really come through for me on shop tuning, so I am just touching up these days.
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If the edges are really chewed up, you might find it more efficient to use the bastard file before the stones.....after first hitting the side edges with the coarse stone to knock down any case hardened spots.
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Cirque, my base has a couple spots that I'm planning to drip p-tex into, but beyond that, it did remarkably well or do you mean so that they can take off some of the base edge?

Alpinord, that's what I was thinking: use the coarse diamond stone first, then bastard file, then back to the coarse, finishing with the fine. Sound reasonable?

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Don't bother repairing the rocks. A ski will not really damage a rock.
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Sounds reasonable.

FYI, ptex is a temporary fix. Base welding lasts much longer, if not indefinitely.
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Any advice on how to get through the hardened, rock damaged edge more efficiently? Right now, I'm using the coarse diamond stone lubricated in water using the edge guides. Is there another stone to use, another technique, or should I just spend more time running that stone up and down? (I ended up dulling a bit of my bastard file on the hardened bits, so I obviously didn't get all the hardened parts.)
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Naturally every situation will be a bit different, however, my thought is that the rock strike likely changed the shape of the edge and using your guide may hold the diamond stone at an angle that will not allow it to contact all of the hardened area.

Free hand the hardening removal so you can match the angle of the damage ...you're gonna reshape the edge in a moment with the file anyway!
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