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And so it begins......

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Whether the chill in the air or the leaves turning in the canyons or the first ski mags of the year caused it:

Woke up breathless at 530 am this morning. Had my first ski dream of the coming season.
Coming off a traverse with lots of speed. Into a small bowl. Wind blown & rutted. some kind of hard bumps that had me skipping along as I traversed the top. Pedaling with my down hill ski, accelerating trying to achieve the ridge at the end.
Skipping along & beginning to go a little too fast on the wind scoured surface.
Making the ridge before a big floating air onto the top of a long descent full of the cache of snow blown off the rest of the mountain. As I began my first turn, I woke up before the real payoff. Full of giddy anticipation for the first time this year.
Can’t get it out of my mind

I'm dreaming of a white Halloween! just like the ones I used to know....
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YOU WOKE UP! Argh; well another day another night; pleasant dreams...or realities
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odd, the only ski dreams i've ever had, that i remember, occurred before I had even considered skiing. And not that unlike the one you described so well. Although mine seemed always to include lots of trees.
I'm a little jealous. Need to take my ski dream-inducing pills tonight.
Gettin' closer. <FONT size="1">

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My new skis will be here next week. All I need is snow. Maybe I will hike up to Camp Muir and ski down.
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