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What length Gotama?

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I need a pair of "big mountain" skis. I spend as at least as much time off-piste as on, so I am looking for skis that can float the powder, push through the crud, and carve on the groomers. Basically do it all.

Based on what I have read, the Gotamas seem like my best bet. I am demo-ing a pair in two days to see what I think.

I am 200 lbs and I ski fairly aggressively. The demo Gotamas that I am trying out are 176cm. I think that this is probably a bit too short for me, but it is the only size available for demo.

What size should I get? The 183cm skis are probably the best fit for me (I am guessing), but they are harder to find. The only 183cm Gotamas that I have found are $700. I have found both the 176cm and 190cm for $500.

I don't mind paying the extra money if the 183cm skis really are the perfect length, but how can I know when only the 176cm skis are available to demo?

Also, are there any other skis that you would reccommend that are similar to the Gotamas? I would like to keep at least 95mm underfoot minimum, preferably a little wider.

Thanks in advance!

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Do a search here.
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Originally Posted by Sheepdog556 View Post
I am 200 lbs and I ski fairly aggressively.
I'd look at a 190. Gotamas ski a bit short and it's not like they're a really demanding ski. I'm 180 and a pretty average joe. I've tried a 190 Gotama and thought it was a great ski - very versatile. I would have liked a little more length to make up for the flipped tail, tho. You may want to demo a Mantra as well - however, for soft snow, IMO the Gotama is superior.
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I bought a 176 (6' 220lbs) and they work fine for me . They are very versatile at that length , I can even play in the park with them and float hasnt been an issue.
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183 or 190

I am 6 foot 175lb and ski the 183 and sometime would like it a bit longer.

also dont settle for second best get the Gotamas.
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I'm 5'9"/175lbs and ski a 183/fritchi. I want more length and I mainly ski tight trees.

(to some- length in tight trees is counter-productive... they don't understand that sinking skis are harder to turn than their floating brothers.)

with a low-profile binding (ie-no risers) the gotama will be even more maneuverable than the demo binding may be.

I don't imagine the 183 will be too short or the 190 will be too long, check out the radius you prefer and go from there.

pssst... go 190.
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I'm 5'11 180, ski on 183/Marker M12 with piston. For all mountain performace I'd recommend 183, for powder only 190.
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I am 5'6" 180lbs give or take. I can easily ski the Gotama in the 183cm length. At 200lbs you should really look at least the 183cm length. Just think of it this way. If you want something versatile in the woods and bumps then get the 183cm, if you find yourself more in wide open bowls then you should consider the 190cm length. Actual lengths on the Gotama are very short. The 190cm is about a 186cm and the 183cm is more like a 179cm.

'07 Volkl Gotama

'08 Volkl Gotama

'06 Volkl Gotama
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OK , I was wrong , for a powder ski 176 is a little short for me (6' 220lb.). We got a good dumping this week and I could have used a little more length . Not so much for float but fore and aft stability . I still like it on firmer snow and hitting the park , but for those epic days , yeah it could be longer .
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Second (or fourth) the recomendation on the 190's gotmas have a softer more forgiving flex and a very large twin, so they ski short
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So what do you guys think of this?

I'm 6'2" 175# and happen to have a pair of 176 Goats sitting here, new & unopened. I wasn't planning to use them but it's pretty tempting since I already own them. (Was planning on selling em.) I'd use them for 75% resort skiing, but only 25% on the groomers, and the other 25% in the Back Country.

Do you think I should follow through with my plan to sell em and get something in the mid 80's? Or keep em, try em out, and sell them used if I don't like em?
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