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Mount Bohemia 2/16- 2/18

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My friends and others always asks me to describe Mount Bohemia so here my trip report this past weekend with 3 of my children . Hopefully the pictures will do a lot of explaining of the trip It is about 400 miles (you can make it to Houghton is about 7 hours depending on weather and speed) to Houghton Michigan from the Chicago area. Houghton is the city that is the largest near Mount Bohemia. Our lodging was at the Downtowner motel 2 queen beds 3 nites $235.00 a good deal. From Houghton to Mount Bohemia it is about another 35- 45minute drive.
The Mountain is for “Experts” only they have only one “Blue” run on the Mountain. This run is not groomed and none of their other runs are groomed. The rest of the runs are all Black Diamond or above. We have been coming here since they opened and it is always a treat with fresh snow. All of the runs will challenge you and make you work. Many of the runs are well over 1 ½ miles long . The lift tickets are $42.00 per day but once a year in the beginning of December they have a season pass that sells for $99.00. It pays for itself in 3 days of skiing

The 1st photo is of my daughter at
Copper Harbor on Lake Superior at Sunset it is only about 15 minutes from Mount Bohemia
The 2nd photo is the drive and it is beautiful and you would never think your are in the Midwest
The third photo
There are only 2 chairlifts servicing the Mountain . One is accessible from the lodge and the other from the other side of the Mountain. There is also a shuttle bus that’s picks you up from the Backcountry area and from the “Outer Limits” area. ( This is a new area opened up this year and it is outstanding)

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Mount Bohemia Continued

The lodge consists of Yurts or canvas tents. They are connected together and actually quite nice and warm. Be aware there is very limited in food service so bring your own is the best bet
Mount Bohemia offers a variety of runs . These runs are as challenging as any out west and you will feel your legs burning . The runs in the Bear Den area offer some great steeps and great natural jumps.
1st photo
My oldest daughter takes a jump on “Sleeping Bear
2nd photo
My youngest boy off the rock ledge and into the powder . A good 8’ drop by “ Polar Bear”
3rd photo Inside the tent

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mount Bohemia continued 2

Mount Bohemia’s main stay is the skiing in the trees. Some areas are very tight and other areas are open. All of the tree skiing areas do have drop offs and steep sections. Lots of powder can always be found in the trees.
1st photo Nothing like fresh Powder to track
2nd photo
My youngest daughter lost it in the powder
3rd photo
My youngest in the “Extreme Backcountry”

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Mont Bohemia

My oldest daughter in the “Haunted Valley”
Nice run in the “Bohemia Mining” company area. There is an area that has 10’ cliffs in here
Through the trees and powder

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Mont Bohemia Finish

The trip was both Saturday and Sunday. It snowed most of the day on Saturday. If you a true skier at heart living in the flat lands then Mount Bohemia can be the place to ski. But as the warning indicates in is not for beginners. I have skied Lake Tahoe, Utah, Colorado, Taos, and Canada. The runs here fit in with any Black or Double Black at those resorts. If there has not been any fresh snow in over a week you do need to bring your rock skis for the more traveled runs.
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Thanks for the TR. I've been interested in Mt. Bohemia simply because it's so different from other areas in the midwest. I doubt I'll ever go there, but it's great to see pictures.
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Mt. Bohemia rules. No other area in the Midwest even comes close to holding a candle to Bohemia's easier runs, let alone all the glades. Thier steep glades are equal to anything anywhere providing they have enough coverage. I skied there on a few powder days the first year they put the lifts in (I think it was 2000 or 2001) and I thought it would last 2-3 years tops - too isolated, too scarey, no gaper amenities. Glad to see I was wrong and they're still operating. The Midwest really needs places like Bohemia.
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What fun and great pics!

I grew up in Michigan long before Mount Bohemia opened. I've heard great things and it sounds like it's a place I would have liked if it existed way back when. It almost makes me wish I lived back in Michigan.

Thanks for sharing.

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More Mt Bohemia terrain photos?

Thanks for sharing.

How long have you been skiing at Mt Bohemia? What have the conditions (base depth, rock skis required?) been like during Christmas holidays as I have hoping to get over to Mt Bohemia one of these years during the Christmas holidays.

If anyone has any more pictures of the terrain especially views looking down from the top of chutes/glades/trails/backcountry area and views looking up at the chutes/glades/trails/backcountry area, please post them in this thread.

What did folks think of the Mt Bohemia video http://mt.server342.com/videos.html with the ski patrol throwing the beginner off the mountain? I thought that it showed an interesting sense of humor but an effective way to appeal to the target audience.

Yurt Base Lodge from website

The terrain looks like a lot of fun. (Images from photo gallery on website)

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Those pics are ok, but there is stuff that's way nuttier at Bohemia - tight trees, short narrow rock-lined chutes and much larger cliffs.

Really, there's absolutely nothing at Bohemia for beginners. Even strong intermediats will feel a bit overwhealmed.

Also, I'd wait until late January to go there, even in a decent snow year. They need a lot of snow to cover up the rocks.
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Bohemia is probably not the place to ski at Christmas. Usually not enough coverage. They need a solid base to cover rocks, branches and etc. They do not make any snow it is all natural so it takes a while for coverage. I have been going there since they opened with lifts and usualy end of Jan. through feb and even into the begining of March is good. The key is when the last snow, how much and how often. For me the this last weekend worked out to the right snow conditions. It is light dry powder. I try to post more photos but the pictures don't do it justice.
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awesome sauce!!!!
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GTB & Jer,

Thanks for the advice about the conditions during Christmas holidays.
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Originally Posted by SkierScott View Post
What did folks think of the Mt Bohemia video http://mt.server342.com/videos.html with the ski patrol throwing the beginner off the mountain? I thought that it showed an interesting sense of humor but an effective way to appeal to the target audience.

I think is was great. However, I would rather hike, or drown myself in the lake, than take the "sing a'long" bus!
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How long would it take to get to Bohemia from Traverse City?
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Old thread but since the ski season is right around the corner I thought I'd bump this for us Midwesterns.

If you haven't hit Mt. Bohemia yet you need to. Well worth the effort to get there. Lodging is cheap in Houghton and has some ok nite life since there is a college in town. As the others have said above its quite advanced and will keep even the best skiers entertained. Great tree runs and really the only place to find powder in Midwest on a constant basis. Rarely does more then 3 days go by that they don't get a solid 4" to 6" of snow. At least once every two weeks they'll get a good 10"+ of lake effect snow. I don't think they ever got less then 250" of snow in a year. So powder is almost guarnteed on any ski trip there. Quite a few acres to ski on and good useable vert. that changes alot through out the acreage. I believe the highest cliff drop they have is 40ft. (didn't have the means to measure it but that is what a local told me it was and by eyes I believe him). Alot of great chutes in the trees between cliff lines. Just nothing like this anywhere in the Midwest. You basically have to head west to find anything that will push your skiing limits like Mt. Bohemia.

Point is if your in the midwest or visting anyone in the midwest take a day or two and hit Mt. Bohemia. You won't be disappointed. I've talked to a few CO/Utah people while skiing there and they couldn't believe this place was in the Midwest. Just don't expect 3 miles runs. Though most runs are around a mile with the longest I think like 1.5 miles.

You can hit up there website and get a free DVD. Pretty good vid.. They like to play up how they are extreme and no beginners allowed.

P.S.: Next year a whole new area will be open. I believe this year they are doing limited Saturdays with the use of snowcats to access to it. Only taking like 12 or 15 people a day at $100 a person. Opens up 100+ more acres of glades.
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Originally Posted by roundturns View Post
How long would it take to get to Bohemia from Traverse City?

It's around 400 miles--eight hours in good conditions.
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We need more areas like this all over the country. Skiing shouldn't be just for the rich and all of the amenities that seem to be "required" to attract customers drive the prices up. I love the yurts!
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FYI. season pass goes on sale dec. 6th for one day. $99.00 for Bohemia and $126.00 for Bohemia and the Porkies. Well worth it
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Originally Posted by tetonpwdrjunkie View Post
We need more areas like this all over the country. Skiing shouldn't be just for the rich and all of the amenities that seem to be "required" to attract customers drive the prices up. I love the yurts!

They stay pretty grounded there. No frills just thrills on the mountain.

Really the only thing I wish they'd throw up there is some type of sports bar/resturant there. More for revenue flow then anything as living on lift tickets as 90% of your revenue might not work out in the long run. Not too mention not much to eat for miles around there. One or two little bars that serve food and that is about it. Hell a hot dog stand guy would make a killing at the bottom of the hill.
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Here's some pics from Feb 08, we were lucky to be up for the weekend + monday. On monday we had about 6 inches of freshies, most of these are on the front side just off the main run(s).

We stay in Copper Harbor, the town is small but it's.. a town. It has a few places to eat and drink and has a very small night life, but it has a night life.

On the same side of Lake Lac Labelle (sp?) as Bohemia there is a bar that serves food. On certian weekends they will have snowmobile races on the ice and it can be packed. The brown ale is yummy too.

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