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Jackson Hole

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Hello everyone
I my am heading to Jackson Hole March 16th
I was just wondering what the skier Numbers at Jackson Hole are this year with out the tram compared to the last few years. Personally I am thinking around the same amount.
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There have been fewer skiers, but there also has been less snow.
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No big crowds when i was there last week. Snowed everyday, so it's shaping up.
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Going into Pres' Day weekend, we were 12% below last year in terms of skier days. Pres Week seemed pretty busy.

The skiing is excellent and the hill seems pretty deserted unless it's a powder morning.
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Sunday the 18th was busy but not to the point of making one crabby. Even when they had to evacuate the Teewinot quad and everyone rushed over to the gondola after lunch, the wait for the gondola was not even ten minutes. Up high on the East Ridge chair and Sublette lifts, lines were non existent. Snow was good up high, but tracked up, bad from about mid Lower Sublette ridge down (crusty and bumpy), however the cow moose browsing the brush near the Union Pass and Moose Creek lifts made the run down Sublette ridge worthwhile. It was a good day overall!
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