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Cant find K2 Burnin Luv demos, what to do?

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I am trying to find skis on my demo list and have found none of them available to try anywhere nearby. Shops near me either don't demo, or only have some lower models. Many mountains in the area had cancelled their demo days b/c of no snow early in the season. One demo center has skis I want, but they don't have the bindings for them yet and probably won't for the remainder of the year (!!!) so I can't test them. What would you do if you were me?

At the top of my list are the K2 Burnin Luv's, amongst a laundry list of others. Man-made hardpack and crud is 90% of my skiing, with the occasional fresh snow (NJ, east cost). My skiing: technically solid, no fears of hard, steep, or fast. Like to crank up on edge and rip, and the boys often can't keep up. Like short, medium and long turns. Currently I'm on 6 y/o Volant Vertex Epics which I love, it's just time to replace them. The K2's seem pretty close in dimension to my old skis, only with a slightly wider tip. I've heard others say in comparison that the feel of K2's are not far from Volants - does anyone know if this is true? I especially want a ski that won't chatter in the firm conditions.

Do you think I should just pull the trigger and buy? I'm looking at 146's (I'm 4'11, 110lbs) and worry that size is disappearing fast.

Does anyone have opinions of integrated bindings vs. a la carte? Can the integrated bindings move fore and aft? (My Volants are mounted 1.5 cm forward of factory mark.) Also are the Marker bindings heavy or light compared to other bindings sold separately? And thoughts on the Marker pistons in general?
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The Burnin' is the best (of the K2's) for hardpack but that is not the condition where K2's in general are at their best. The Attiva Volkl S4 and S5 are significantly better on hard snow than the Burnin'. They are also light and nimble. The following links will take you to reviews that are compiled from my staff and I over some pretty extensive test sessions.



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Road trip!

I demo-ed the same at Killington last week. Basin Ski shop on the access road has them. (Not sure about your size, but they do seem to carry quite an inventory. I guess the fact they don't carry entry level gear helps)
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You won't regret buying the burnin luvs. Sierra Jim is awesome to work with, so if you can buy from him, do so.

I am an advanced female skier and bought the k2 burnin luvs at the beginning of the season, and I really liked them. Although I have mine for sale at this point because my quiver is a bit ..............shall we say...........out of control.

I can't really say anything bad about the Burnin luv, I just happen to be a woman who prefers the unisex skis, maybe because I ski with mostly men.

Buy it!
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At the prices you can find burning luvs for right now it is almost cheaper to just buy them and demo them for a few days. If you do not like them sell them. Honestly very few women have disliked the Burnin Luv. It is easy to use and has great edge hold. If you are looking for a stiffer ski then the Attiva S5 would be a better choice, but if you want something that is also going to ski bumps well I would suggest the Burnin Luv.

Burnin Luv w/Marker M1 Binding $525 mounted and shipped
http://www.untracked.com/p1931-07_k2...b inding.html
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Well it seems like this is the right choice for me. I dont' think I'd want anything stiffer. This ski also seems versatile enough to handle whatever else comes its way (crust, crud, icy bumps, soft bumps, occasional fresh)

I'm still not sure about buying flat vs. integrated bindings. Concerns with weight as well as mounting position.
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