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Rate your Pres Day weekend ski Experience. Was it a 10/10?

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I'll give my pres day weekend ski experience an overall 7/10 and here's why: Sunday started out raining at Pollock Pines, 4k ft up hwy 50 west side of the Sierras, by the time we reached Echo summit at 7k it was snowing. Kinda wet but snow none the less. We were headed for Homewood on the west shore of Lake Tahoe. Never skied there before and for a holliday weekend I figured it would be less crowded that the more popular Tahoe ski resorts. We arrived late ,about 11am after a quick stop at Bills in So shore. There was one parking spot left in the south lot. So the views from Homewood of Lake Tahoe are GREAT! Without equal. They should call this place heavenly. It was cloudy but the lake was in full view. It really does feel like you could ski right into the water. The crowds were lite. Even tho the parking lots were full there was very little waiting in lift lines. The snow conditions were however very marginal. Very light coverage on most of the black runs with a considerable amount of brown showing on several runs. We manged to ski until about 3:30pm when the snow was pretty mushy. At the lodges there were outdoor Bar-B-Q and the drink prices at the bar were a couple bucks less than most other ski resort bars. Overall I enjoyed my first trip to Homewood and hope to get back again when there is more snow.

Monday, we woke to blue skies. It was going to be a Blue Bird Day. We left the shangrila at 8 and were at the lifts of Sierra at Tahoe by 9am. WOW! what a beautiful morning. A nice crispness in the air and blue blue skies. We were suprised to find close parking and for most of the day we skied right to the lifts with almost no wait. Sometimes skiing onto the chair without stopping. We started on the east side of the mountain going to the top planning on a warm up run to the bottom. The snow was more plentiful than the previous day but HARD PACKED all the way. No reall ice but I'm glad I had a fresh tune on my edges. We went back up after the first run and headed over to the West bowl, which usually has good snow. Well the first run into the bowl from the north was just as hard packed as the east side. Very fast and noisy! We did the west runs of the Bowl and then went back to the main lodge area so that we could enter the bowl from the more southerly side. Wow, the snow on this entry was soooo much better. Spring corn to the max! We did a few runs and re runs before heading over to the main lodge and another great outdoor Bar-B-Q. Thought the lines would be long but NO, walked right up and had a great tri tip sandwich and the fixins.

Overall with all things considered, crowds, snow, food and weather I would give my pres day weekend ski experienc a 7 out of 10 on the ski enjoyment scale.

So how was your weekend with the mass of humanity on Pres day?
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Canaan Valley got over 2ft. of snow over the past week...

I had to work on Saturday and Sunday, and had class on Monday. So this was just another weekend for me. It was one of the best though. Before and after work, I spent some time skiing on my own with my girlfriend and her brother (who are also co-workers). We found our way into some deep snow.

Saturday morning, we all were in line as soon as the lift opened and got first tracks on our first two runs.. Dark Side of the Moon and Prosperity.. Boot deep powder on the trail, up to 2ft off to the sides....

Then we decided to hit the Glades... or, well, part of them. We skiied the trees, but not on the trail. We went exploring to find some deeper snow... and we did. The first run we were in thigh deep in a few spots... Later in the day, we got ourselves in a little too deep. Before we even got to the trail, we took a right down into the trees, and in doing so ended up in a 30ft. deep valley in snow past our waists... We ended up having to take our skies off and hike a little bit to get over a few logs and trees. We figured we should try to find our way back to the trail and ended up having to climb out of the 30ft valley up a 45 degree hill in waist deep snow. It was quite an adventure, and although not a whole lot of it was spent gliding, it was great...

On Sunday, I got to free ski for about 2-3 hours and ended up spending more time exploring the woods between trails and making my own paths than time spent on actual marked trails.... When they tell me "The whole mountain is open" I take it very literally...

I realize now that Canaan, with some good funding, could easily make a few badass tree trails..

All in all.... 10/10... lots of snow, lots of adventuring, and lots of fun.
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Crystal, WA was a 9/10. Only reason I didn't give it a 10 was that the refrozen crust underneath the foot of fresh pow they got Sunday wasn't deep enough to keep from hitting bottom from time to time. No crowds at all and it was still snowing.
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Pres Day

Sorry no pic's and don't ski on pres day weekend. Spent part of day here on Epic. Homewood good choice almost never crowded. Glad you guys had a good time.
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On Thursday I was offered free lodging in and transportation to a friend's house at Sun Peaks, B.C. This place is in interior B.C. and is famous for good snow and sunshine. I jumped at the chance and went.

The snow was old, it hadn't snowed in a few days and even then it hadn't been much. It was OK. Baker had been having either rain or very wet snow and rain for about a week or more so I figured it was best to get away from that tune.

We were riding the chair on Sunday and my buddy decided to call the Mt. Baker snow report just to gloat about how great it was where we were. Well, it seems that back home they had 6" overnight and it was 27 degrees and snowing hard. We were skiing on crusty old leftovers at Sun Peaks. Damn!!

We had a great time with freinds, however, so I give it a 7.
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Mine is 9 out of 10. I'm leaving a little room for later. But for us Eastcoasters, President's Day weekend can't be beat! 3' of snow at Killington, and I had the good luck of booked lodging for that weekend in advance! ;o)

The big dump was on Wednesday but I didn't get there till Friday. Dosen't matter very much though because half the mountain wasn't open due to wind. So no one's been there yet.

So, very good skiing all weekend. Then just to top it off, it snowed again Sunday, just add a couple inches. Can't ask for more, can I?

The only minor drawback was, the snow was a bit on the heavy side. Not quite up to the standard of the Rockies. But for the northeast, I think it's as good as it gets.
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ALTA was 10/10 monday wow snowed alot sunday night into monday morning remained cloudy with snow into the day, Supreme, greeley, and areas off collins were absolutly amazing freshies all morning and even into the afternoon i was makign nice runs, best day of my life then yesterday i skiied snowbird also amazing as they opened bookends i nthe morning and i had freshies there too then during lunch i saw a a hilarious sticker with a nazi symbol and " ALTA IS FOR RACISTS" i laughed so hard... best day and week of my life....
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at nyc, I was at Killington on Sunday and they got a lot more than a couple inches. I'd say all of 6" and they claim 8".

Sunday was a real good day - 8+. There was a ton of powder to be found and I can say that there really was no "ice". Best day I've had in quite some time. Came home high on skiing.
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Did Gore Mountain, NY Sunday/Monday for the very first time with the wife and two young daughters. I would give it an 8/10. Snow was mostly good and I would say we received an additional 2-3" on Sunday on top of the 39" they received on the VD storm. There were some slightly slick spots as the wind played havic with some of the snow on the trails. Lots of nice snow in the woods but I did not venture much as I was skiing with the 9 yo! Gore is a tough mountain and my wife took a couple of yardsale type falls!

Monday was very COLD....-1 at the base and -10 at the top. We chose Gore cause we figured less crowded than the big VT and Catskill resorts. Crowds were manageable overall and a lot sparser on Monday. Stayed in Lake George...about a 35 minute drive to Gore. Stayed in a brand new Hampton Inn on Route 9.....very, very nice.

All in all for a last minute PD weekend trip we had a great time! Nice to spend a quality weekend with the family.
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Went to Blue Knob, PA. They had 19" natural in the few days before I got there, skied with nice group of friends and family all over the hill. Conditions, terrain, camaraderie - all primo for my part of the country. Weather and crowds ranged from manageable to better than expected. So, I'd call my weekend a 10. I put a recap with photos/video in the trip report forum.
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For me, being able to jump in and be goofy in fresh all day defines a “10” on a Presidents Day Weekend:
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The snow in Colorado was a 9/10 or a 10/10... but the conditions on I-70 didn't allow me to enjoy it on the biggest day (Saturday). I managed to get three days of good turns in though.
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Hey Don.....where is that?????
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gores95...Loveland; if you haven’t been there it’s little area that sits aside the Eisenhower tunnel. I posted in a trip report we intended to go to Copper that morning but the traffic halted at the tunnel due to avalanche control so we just jumped off the road at the east side of the tunnel. Sure glad we did. I felt like a kid (or I suppose one of my kids) jumping in and out of snow all day with a constant grin on my face. My wife said I acted like a goof all day…and I’m proud of it…on the day I rank as a “10”. Cheers.
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Whistler -
Snow - overall 7/8 on 10. snowed everyday we were there.
lift lines - 5/10. Harmony and peak were atleast a 15 min wait many times.
restaurants - 3/10. even at 6pm with reservation we had to wait a long time to get a table and get some service. and finally my steak/burger was burnt. didn't really want to ask for a replacement as it took them 45 min to get the first ones.
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9 out of 10. I was on Wachusett Mountain in Massachusetts on Presidents' Day. Not too many people and great conditions.

Went to Windham Mountain in the Catskills, NY yesterday, and that was probably an 8 out of 10.

About time too! Winter avoided us here in the Northeast all winter!
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Hit Hunter on Monday. No crowds. The wind had scoured most of the snow around and most of the mountain was groomed flat. the west side was very windblown, except for Annapurna which had great bumps all the way down. Too bad I missed the dump though. But I was in Jackson having a pretty good time.
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Deer Valley was a 9/10 for President's Day. 16" fresh, can't get much better than that. And it really wasn't that crowded. I don't think I waited more than 4 minutes in a line.
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