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K2 Mamba skiis few questions about them...

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Ok hi all those are a pair of K2 Mamba skiis. I saw another model too, mogul type i think....

I am interested in few things.... who draw those skiis why are they called mamba , and some other stuff.....
Why the hell Mamba? ....

There is a story behind all this i just wanna know how come my name is mamba and i was on k2 but on the roller team back around 98 and we shot a movie.... i dont remember anything sadly and couldnt get the video yet from 2003 when i first saw it...but im really interested in this coincidence haha since the video remained a secret even people from k2 dont know it yet, but i bet some guys do. haha amazing video.
i made some tricks first in history like 720 to grind , i cant understand why k2 didnt use this video for promotion. the day i saw the video like few weeks later i went buying k2 skates. really weird. i kno its a ski forum sorry but i wanna know about these skiis and wanted to explain why

did that Ryan guy from k2 design those skiis?

also if anybody has a pair sell me it.

sorry for putting this video thing inside all but that is why i want to know about these skiis name etc.

to add i saw this mamba kid on this weird secret video with k2's and when i googled for him i found k2 mamba skiis get me. the prob is this guy doesnt exist unless its me without memory. weird. its all i found between mamba and k2 couldnt get much help from k2 cos the team europe manager dissapeared or something. hope im not bothering.
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Don't quote me on this, but I was under the impression that the Mamba and the Power Mamba existed first as a Japanese market skis with bumble bee graphics or something of that sort. This would be in the 97/98 time frame and the Winterheat/Moseley/715 was the mogul ski being sold here in the states. There were a few Mamba variants; the ones pictured certainly came later (00-01?) as twin-tips didn't exist when the first ones came out.

If you're referring to Ryan Schmies, I'm pretty sure the Mambas would precede his time with K2.
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These were the original ones that I remember; they were from the 98 season. Anything that existed prior is before my time...
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I haveĀ  pair of mamba I think..white with black K2 on tip straight line down and MB in a diamond is shape.and a K2 smbol on the tails. I purchased in colorado at The old Gart spotrs castle in Denver like 2001 ish just wondering what year they actually are from and what are the reviews on them if any.I am back in wisconsin sking our......rocks well the spring bumps arnt bad...ok HUGE lie but bumps are bumps.
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