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Utah Lift Tickets

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Is anybody familiar with www.skinsee.com for discount lift tickets? Are they legitimate, and how hard is it to get to the Salt Lake City location from the airport?
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Yes, those prices are legit. There are also many places around the Valley where you can get the same deal, Canyon Sports, REI, Sports Authority, etc etc.
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We got our tickets form Canyon Sports. We were in/out in a few minutes. Just a quick detour on the way to skiing.
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You can pick up discounted tickets at just about any ski shop in SLC. Just don't wait until you are up at the slopes. Non of those shops sell them there.
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I bought my lift tickets from Ski N See when I was there two weeks ago. I stopped at the downtown location on my way from the airport. It was a two minute drive from the interstate...ran in and got my tickets...and was on my way five minutes later. It seems the other locations are a little out of the way when traveling to Park City (where I was going)...so I guess it depends on where you are staying.
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anything downtown is not hard to get to from the airport. its on your way to the canyons. utah ski and golf, ski n see and canyon sports should all have discounted tix
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I have an extra ticket bought at canyon sports from a travel in January ....can i use it in march???
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I recommend Utah Ski N' Golf for both discount lift tickets and demo rentals.

I paid only $28/day for demo ski package, and their lift tix are the same prices as Canyons Sports.
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