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Wanted: Tuning Stuff

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I got some scrilla ($) for my birthday and Christmas and haven't spent it yet. I wanted some ski tuning stuff, but my family doesn't quite understand all the lingo. In any case, I'm looking for a few things on the cheap:
- 30mm WC vise
- decent wax iron
- 3 degree edge guide, three grades of diamond stones and maybe even some cutting solution
- decent file and a card
- some brushes for waxing
- decent wax, I'm kinda thinking Swix CH&, but you can probably talk me into whatever you've got on your shelf
- a couple of other things not worth listing at this point

Let me know if you've got something you're willing to part with...

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Are you looking for new or used stuff? We of course have all of the stuff on your list, including a couple used clothes irons and misc waxes and a stone or two. If you are not set on the WC vise, the Cinch is a better value & versatile.

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Used is what I was planning on for the bigger items (vise, iron, etc.).

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forthe Iron... go to a flea market/yard sale and get an old, flat, non-steam iron... It's what I use.. got it for free. It doesn't have a temp knob (except for the kind of cloth) so just do a little trial and error to figure out where you want the knob to be and remember (or mark it). You can find a Nylon brush at (I think someone said) Home Depot for cheap... just make sure it's the right kind.

As far as the vice goes.. for cheap you can easily make one with some old scraps of wood and some C-clamps. To be honest, I don't even use a vice. I throw an old shower curtain down in the floor and essentially work with the ski laying on the floor and some part of my body bracing it. It'd be a lot easier with a vice, but when you can't afford one, it works.

I'm a 'poor college kid', and after looking around I have found that for everything you need for a good tune, you will spend at least $150.. probably closer to $200... By not buying a vice, using an old iron.. I've only spent about $75.

Oh, another thing about not using a Vice and just sitting on the floor on a shower curtain... space is no factor. I live in a little 1 bedroom apartment, so I'd have nowhere to set up a vice anyway.
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