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Alta/Snowbird 2/27-3/2

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I'll be skiing solo these days and would like to join up with one or more folks for a run or a day. I ski pretty much the whole mountain. Anyone around?
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I am PM me.
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I will be there the exact same days.
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I will be at Alta and/or the surrounding bc on all those dates.
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I will be skiing Solitude and/or the back country Monday-Friday 2/26-3/2 inclusive. I've got a few friends (including my son - a big mountain competitor) who I will ski with at various times during the week but may be available to ski with people at other times. If there's a good reason, I might even go over to Snowbird and/or Alta for a day.
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I'll be at Alta or the bird next week also.
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Anyone who wants to hook up PM me for my number. Looks like we are gona get pounded with snow!
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A buddy and I will be skiing Snowbird and Alta on Thursday the 1st and Friday the 2nd. (no particular order) It's our first time skiing these areas and with all the snow and low visibility likely, we would like to hook with anyone that knows their way around.
PM me for a hook up.
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