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Brass brush....

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I can't find the exact item I found, but will a brass brush meant for cleaning grills work as well (or almost as well) as a brass brush made for ski tuning, or are the bristles too thick/thin/flimsy/stiff/sharp/dull/etc... ?

If it will work, you can get 'em at Kroger for $3.00 ... Save a few bucks.
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It depends, I have seen brass brushes using wire of all gauges, if you can compare the two and they look to be similar go for it.
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I use a stiff nylon brush to open up the stucture on my skis. I am kinda hesitant about a brass brush. I got the brush for $.99 at Big Lots. I always finish with a horsehair brush that is specifically for skis. IMO the finish is the most important part anyway.
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Usually the grill brushes are too -small-, i.e. half the size you really want to span across the base and avoid digging in on one side or the other.
The handles are kinda off at an angle, so it's hard to put on uniform pressure.
The bristles are pretty short and stiff, so you're kinda missing out on the softer snowsports-specific brass ones that are almost as soft as copper brushes, and work really well with warmer waxes.
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Grill brushes come in many varieties, including big ones and soft ones. If it looks and feels like a ski brush, it might as well be one...
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I have picked up cheap grill brushes that did not feel like real brass - maybe coated steel? Sketchy enough that I would not want it near my bases. Something to be aware of
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I've used a grill brush. The post above is right that most of them are kind of small to use efficiently. If you've got a well-stocked hardware store, there are some bigger ones. The big handle sticking out is maybe a little awkward, though.

Plus, when the season ends, you can use it to clean your grill. Just don't take it back to your waxroom after that, though.
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I use a brass brush I picked up at Fred Meyer in the BBQ aisle. It is about 4x4 inches square and is meant to be a replacement brush head for grill brush/scraper. It is awesome and now the only brush I use. Best $2.00 I ever spent!
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