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Are attornies the number one occupancy represented on this forum?

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An observation. As a long time lurker and sometime participant of this outstanding forum, it has always been apparent that practitioners of the law have the most represenatives on this forum, why?
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What was that line?
God must have loved Lawyers?
He made so many of them.
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I don't know about "attornies", but there doesn't seem to be a lot of English teachers hanging around.
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it seems to me that there are alot of us in the IT industry on this forum...EpicGeeks, if you will....
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I'm in school for mechanical engineering and an MBA... and of course im in school to race [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Being one of the tribe myself, I'll start another thread asking for attorneys to sign on. I'm curious, too: How many Barking Bears are attorneys?
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Just like every place else in this country...too many !!
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You know, wink, many attorneys would agree. For selfish reasons, of course. Unfortunately, although many lawyers would be better off with less competition, the public would be better off with more, better and less expensive attornys. While our corporate clients include legal expenses in the cost of doing business and sell their own products at prices that account for that, most ordinary people can't afford the legal advice and services to which they're supposedly entitled.
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I think the public would certainly be better off with better and less expensive attorneys. But more? Our society is too litigious already - people don't take responsibility for their own actions. Clearly we need lawyers to help us keep each other, the government and corporations accountable. And I appreciate the skill and hard work of a good attorney.

But every profession must advertise and help create somewhat of a demand for themselves -- The more lawyers there are, the more demand there will be for their services. So *more* lawyers would simply result in even more lawsuits in an already absurdly litigious society.

Incidentally, does anybody know what the ratio of lawyers per/capita is in various states/regions around the country? I've noticed big differences between regions - curious what the numbers would say, and why the differences exist?
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Sorry boys, i'm a scientist.
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In any profession, there are way more average/lousy ones then great ones. Take computers for example. Very few what I'd call qualified people.

My guy is the best. He charges a lot ($300 an hour), but he's worth 100 times what he bills me. If there were fewer laywers, there'd be fewer great ones - and that's not what the public needs.
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That completely bypasses the issue of more lawyers = more litigation. More lawyers may well mean more great lawyers, but also more bad lawyers. In any case, the more accessible they are the more likely they are to be used. A glut means prices go down as well, making it easier for the folks to make our already sue happy society even worse.

After all, the lawyers are not going to go unemployed. When they want more work you start seeing those ad's on TV . . . **"Have you been injured lately through your own stupidity? Blame somebody else and make big bucks!!"**
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by michaelHunt:
Sorry boys, i'm a scientist.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

That's funny, I thought you were a gynecologist.
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Todd, your point is well taken. However, lawyers do more than litigate - they also advise, they draft legislation, etc. While a lot of litigation may be frivolous and greedy, a lot is otherwise. Whether or not you agree with the results of the litigation, remember Brown vs. Topeka [separate schools for separate races is inherently unequal], Griswold vs Connecticut [right of privacy], Rowe vs. Wade [abortion rights], Bush vs. Gore [let's have the Supreme Court chose the President] - the point is, the system is used for dispute resolution when all else fails. I don't know - maybe there ARE "too many" lawyers; but the system is the best we have and "lawyer" is the name we give to those trained t deal with it - for the plaintiffs AND the defendants.
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Absolutely lawyers do much more than simply litigate. And for litigation I certainly think they are necessary anyways - and I do think the old adage "A person who represents himself has a fool for a client" is quite true. I've got lawyers who are friends, its not the profession itself that I think is bad "ju-ju", I think that in a society already full of folks looking for "get rich quick" schemes, suing looks like a good avenue for them . . . and easier acess to the resources for a suit must result in more suits.
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Old Chinese saying: No matter how hungry, never steal...No mater how angry, never hire a lawyer.
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I think ski reps are the numero uno occupancy in this forum, though we seem also to have a good number of historians and philosphers. You can never have too many of those!
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a man calls up an attorney and asks if he could set up some phone consultation.
The attorney says "absolutely sir."

The man then asks what the attorney charges for such consultation.
The attorney states "$400 dollars for 4 questions.

The man, surprised at this says "Jeez, don't you think that's a bit steep?"
The attorney replies "Not at all, we provide superior service in a very competitive market and our firm feels this rate is more than fair; Now what is your fourth question?"
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um...any lifties? um...river guides? uh....Bueller....Buelller.....?
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