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did anyone here ..?

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Did anyone here move just to be near a big resort... or anybody that moved there for a couple of years..?
I go to mad river mountain which is in ohio.... and i wish ohio had mountain or something... the biggest verticals are only like 300ft...
I would love to take a vacation to a resort - one that gives you challanges... mad river mountain doesnt..

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Sort of. I moved from nowhere NJ to burlington VT for school.
30 min from bolton
45 min from smuggs, stowe, & sugarbush
~1hr30min from Jay
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i wish i lived near those resorts!
i live an hour away from mad river mountain- not anything close to what i have seen on their sites - well sugarbush
your lucky
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yes pittsburgh to sandy,ut.

12 mins to Snowbird 15 mins to Alta, 25 to solitude, 30min to brighton and about 45mins to the Park City Resorts.
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I have never heard of those resorts but i think they would probably be big - right?
i live in ohio so i focus on eastern resorts... like sugarbush and mad river glen - but i just started skiing last year and there is no challange at mad river mountain - the only place i have skied so far and its only 300 vertical...
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Yes, NJ to Big Mtn. MT. Been here four years.
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I love skiing out west and out east and in Europe. However, I also live in Ohio.

I would take exception to your contention that MRM does not provide challenges. It may not challenge you from the standpoint of making it down the hill, but there are plenty of challenges to perfect your skiing technique. If you read through many of the instruction threads, you will find out that skiing fast hides many flaws. Flat easy terrain is often the best for working on your ski skills.

Skiing anywhere is fun. Enjoy what you have. it is better than Florida.
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yes moved to killington and will be here for a long time
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I dont think i would move for skiing, i would love to but maybe just trips.. Family and friends are here in ohio for me.
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