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Jumping on Racing Skis

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: I have been told that jumping raacing skis is a bad idea and that it actually hurts the ski in some way. Now when I say "jumping" I mean like in just a small terrain park. i have not been able to get an explanation of this either being ok or a very bad idea.
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Can you imagine the amount of Force the skis are absorbing when they come into contact after a jump. Camber? What Camber.
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but does that actually destroy the ski

---This i have heard from a friend of mine
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Yes & No. It takes life out of the Ski but it does not destroy it beyond use. Well sometimes it does depending on if you bend it by landing wrong. If you like your edges stay off the rails.
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so its ok if you dont go on any rails and dont land tips or tails first?
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Pretty much since you bought them. You did buy them,right. I'd be more worried about my back and knees. But then I'm used up. Have fun. Want big air? Pull my finger.;-)
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ive destroyed race skis in the bumps. if you want to play it safe, I wouldn't push it to hard in the park.
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Race skis or not, depending on how hard & high and how soft or hard the snow or ice that you land on is .... and how much you weigh ... it's all relative.
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Depends... big, slamming landings could reduce the life of any ski through large, repeated stress cycles. (Similar to bending a wire back & forth, back & forth) How many times before it becomes a problem? Hard to say.. skis are mostly made from wood and every tree is a bit different. Even fairly homogenous materials, like metal, have variance. (Metal is heat-treated; we used to call the heat-treat furnace the "thermal randomizer" where I used to work.) Stress failure from metal also follows a statistical distribution, so you can't simply say "fails after X stress cycles."

A few controlled jumps to learn jumping skills shouldn't hurt the skis that much.

If someone really wants to hang wit' da bro's in the park and master the 720 grab, then I'd suggest adding a pair of twin tips to the quiver. When the 720 only ends up being a 540, they'll be a lot happier.
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When I was 15, I did a lot of jumping on my slaloms, Salomon 3Vs in 168. I pressure cracked the cosmetics of many skis, right around the prolink and I even decambered one pair, one ski becoming softer than the other. Those skis didn't even have much metal in them, compared to new race stock skis.

Would I jump on my race skis? It depends how much I care about racing. The skis will remain skiable, but maybe not as fast as before. Personally, I would find a cheap, second-hand pair of anything that I could thrash, keeping my race skis fast and not bent.
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