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20 deg & visability 0

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OK, I know…everybody talks about the weather but does nothing about it. Could someone explain to me how it can be 20 deg. And a cloud of cold vapor surrounds the mountain? It does not snow, rain or precipitate. It covers the face, cloths and everything it can before freezing into a sheet of ice. I just do not understand how a cloud can exist below the freezing point.
Just came off Bachelor and cannot believe how everyone is crusted in ice. The mountain covered in cloud, cold, wet mist that seems worse then rain.
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Please......Did you get your panties wet? Freezing Fog. When Water Vapor falls below freezing and is stagnated it can and will stay suspended in a cloud without freezing. That is until an object(that would be you) passes through said Meteorlogical phenomna and warms the sub-freezing water vapor because of friction up and then it sticks to you and mostly likely your goggles. Be careful on your way over the hill dear. And if your still up there tomorrow I will look for said skier scratching his goggle lens on the side of the run.
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I would, but I forgot everything after I took my weather test. Slider sounds right though.
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