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Help a Somewhat Old Guy Choose Skis

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Hi. I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I found it when researching possible skis to demo and consider buying. I've been impressed by the contributors and the quality of the information.

I am 6'2" and like to think of myself as an advanced/expert skiier. I can ski anything without bumps well and when I do venture into the big bumps I can get where I'm going but it isn't pretty. I am in Toronto and do a lot of skiing on hardpack but just got back from Big White in BC where I got to do some powder and glade skiing. I have skiied Whistler and Sunshine and have a long list of western destinations I would like to ski.

I am looking for an all rounder which will perform on hard pack and will also allow me to go off piste and give me decent manouvreability. My preference is to ski at speeds in long turns. I have been skiing for 32 years (I'm 44) and my knees aren't what they used to be. I also now find myself turning more than I would normally like to as I follow my children who are learning - they can now do mostly blues and even some blacks but very slowly. Soon I'll be chasing them so short turns are not a major considertion.

I am now on Atomic Beta Carv 918 -180 cm
Before that it was Rossingnol Equipe 4S VAS 200 cm
before that Atomic Arcs 190 cm.

I found the Beta Carvs to be slow when I first got them but that was probably a function of shortening the length and going to shaped skis.

From my research so far I am considering the following candidates:

Volkl AC3
Volkl AC4
Rossignol Bandit B2
Stockli Stormrider XL
Atomic Metron 9 Puls
Scott Aztec
Elan Magfire 12

My first choice is the Volkl (either one) As I have always wanted to ski a Volkl but never wanted to spend the $ for them. This time I may just bite the bullet or try to buy a demo. Am I barking up the wrong tree ( no pun intended) ? Are there any other skis I should be looking at based on the above description? I was also thinking of going to a shorter length - 170 perhaps. Is that a good Idea based on my particulars and skiing style. I thought 180 was ridiculous when I first got my beta carvs but skis seem to be getting shorter. Will the shorter ski help in the bumps and glades or should I stick with 180 +, given the skis I have previously owned. I recognise its hard to give good advice and I ultimately have to make ky own decision but any help is appreciated.
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Damn, I saw the title, I thought you would be in your 60's, but then I saw that we are the same age and have been skiing the same amout of years, I have just have had one or two more skis than you over the years. Does this mean that you aren't old or that I am. Don't answer that. In your list i would say the two Volkls and the Elans would be the best choice. The Metron 9 is not enough ski, the B2's are lifeless. The Stockli's are an aquired taste (but a fine one).

There are a pair of AC4's here in the gear swap, from what I understand they have less than a week on them. I bet you could get these in the $600.00 range for a 170 and a ski that is all but sold out all over the place.
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First, you don't mention your weight and that is a major factor in model choice and length.

Second........................everything is a tradeoff.
  • Longer, heavier, and or stiffer will be more stable but less manuverable.
  • Shorter, lighter, and or softer will be more manuverable but less stable.
  • Wider will be generally easier in softer or deeper snow but will be more sluggish edge to edge.
  • Narrower will be generally quicker on groomers and easier in moguls but will float less in the deeper snow.
  • Stiffer requires a more agressive skier to flex it, especially in softer snow & stiffer can beat you up some.
  • Softer will flex easier and be easier on the skier but will give up some stability and sometimes grip.
I'll suggest is a model that is dead down the middle in most of these parameters. It is 78mm at the waist, middle of the road flex and weight and is moderately priced. It has better grip than most in it's price range and is a nice mix of stable vs. nimble.

The magic ski is.......Nordica Nitrous (123-78-108)

Few experts would really need more ski than this, but if you did, a Nordica Top Fuel or a Volkl AC 3,4 come to mind

Few advanced skiers would need an easier ski than this, but if you did, a Dynastar 8K, Rossi B2, come to mind.

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Thanks, for the quick responses. I weigh in at about 210 lbs ( I'm working on it).Still young at heart - knees are getting old.
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OK that would suggest a Nitrous in probably 178 as a starter.

More agressive you say??.............Top Fuel, AC-3,4 in 177-178
Lighter, more nimble you say??........8K in 178, B2 in 182

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I'd say more aggressive. I still push myself (and my skis) pretty hard. I always get chances to go off on my own for the odd afternoon or morning on family trips.
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