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Dalbello boots for my wife?

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Friends, my wife skis at a mid intermediate level. She has been in a Nordica boot that is neither fits well and is too stiff. The heels come up despite the fact that it is on the tightest buckle settings and it seems that she can not flex the boot sufficiently to properly engage an edge. It is a source of frustration for her and is undoubtedly stifling her progress. I got the name of a boot fitter who talked about putting her in a Dalbello boot - Visio 7, Raya 9 or Aspire 60. I would appreciate any feedbak on the line or these models, or other suggestions. My wife is appx 5'3 and 110lbs. Feet are size seven WIDE. Thanks ever so much.
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I am not familiar with all the models you have listed. However, I am very familiar with the Dalbello Krypton line.

The Krypton Storm and Lotus have a three buckle system that is great for a skier with a narrow heel.(like me) The middle buckle pulls the heel back into the heel pocket and keeps it in place. Not to mention that this is the most comfy and warm ski boot I've ever had on my feet.

Here is a review on the Krypton Storm

The lotus is another option, which is a bit softer but otherwise a very similar fit

There is a new boot coming out in this line for 2008 Dalbello Krypton Kryzma which is supposed to be the women specific version of the mens Krypton Pro
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Don't get hung up on one brand of boot. All Boot companies make boots for all level of skiers. The trick is to find the right boot to fit her foot and skiing style. She may have to try on 10 or 12 boots before she finds that combination that works for her. Good Luck
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Utah49 is correct. I tried many boots on before I found one that fit my foot well and make me feel like it would be a boot to last. I found Lange, and the Dalbello Krypton to be the best for my low volume foot and liked the way my narrow heel is secured in the Storm.

If your wife has a low volume foot and a narrow heel, she really should try this boot.
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deliberate1...find a recommended bootfitter who is willing to use his tools(brain included) and experience to find the "perfect fit". Don't get too hung up on models or colors. (mentioned before) A custom footbed to make the fit 100 percent would be nice.
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For what it's worth, I have the opposite problem. I'm in a Dalbello Flex 6.6 now and going to a Nordica (probably) because I have a wide foot and the Dalbello is cut for a narrow foot. I tried on the Kryptons and still the same problem.....

Absolutely nothing wrong with Dalbello - they just do not fit ME. I have a wide fore foot, a long arch, a high instep, and a narrow heel and ankles. Dalbello is not for me - wish I new! I got talked into buying these boots being told they will pack out and fit great (I'm a shmuck - I admit it).

If your wife truely has a wide foot, Dalbellos may not be the correct shape for her, just my .02

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The choice's mentioned about the Aspire, Raya are good, they are a wider last than the Krypton that Trek is talking about (She is excited about her Storms and wants everyone to know it ). Is the Electra 8 an option?
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Frineds, thanks for all your comments. Rest assured, I am not wedded to one brand and will make sure that what my wife ends up with is dictated by fit, not what the shop has left in stock. We have already gone down that road. Philpug, good to hear about the wide last - that seems promising.
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Originally Posted by deliberate1 View Post
The heels come up despite the fact that it is on the tightest buckle settings and it seems that she can not flex the boot sufficiently to properly engage an edge.

Have you talked to your bootfitter about this combination to get their impression????

The heel lift may be more a function of improper angles than tightness in the heel/ankle area ...ie it'll lift no matter how tight, as something has to give when the body runs out of range of motion.

The ankle has to be able to move in order to tip the ski and you (she) could be shutting it down by overtightening in an attempt to stop the heel from lifting.

On the other hand, I'm not sure what you mean by flexing the boot to properly engage the edge?

Anyway, maybe more exploration with some of the bootfitters here would be helpful before shelling out the $$$ for another boot to make sure the issue is solved.

[disclaimer: These are simply some thoughts from my personal experiences. I am not a boot fitter, don't play one on tv and didn't even sleep in a holiday inn last night ]
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cgeib, fair thoughts. My wife describes that her heels swim around the back of the boot and pull out of the heel pocket, if I understand her description. The folks I talked with at the shop even suggested that we bring her current boot to see if they could be adjusted in a way that would make them work. That is an honest invitation. As for the flex/edge observation. When I ask why she is so upright and with rigid knees, she tells me that she can not flex the boot by pressuring the cuff. That is what I do to engage the tip at the beginning of the turn. Consequently, I see her steering her skis rather than permitting the skis to carrying her around the turn. Bottom line is that she is not happy in these boots. They feel clumsy and she seems to battle them. That is reason enough to look for a replacement unless they can be appropriately modified/adjusted. For me to enjoy myself, I have to know that she is having fun as well. That is the way it works with us.
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