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I've just returned to skiing after a 14 year haitus to snowboarding and am having a great time. I started back using a friends 193 Salomon Equipe AXE. I ski CT, NY and VT. I just skied Hunter this past Thurday and Friday. The new snow made the relatively steep terrain a blast. I especially enjoyed the bumps.

It's time I switch to the new gear. I'm 45, 6' tall and 195#'s. I like to ski steep stuff, go fast and enjoy bumps. I guess that makes me a 7? I'll probably only ski in New England. I've looked at the Atomic R11 and the Fischer RX8. Any others?
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Head iXRC1200 or Supershape
Salomon Equipe GC
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I have a pair of R-11's and they are a great ski but not that good in the bumps. They are a very stiff ski and they are not forgiving in the bumps.
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I guess I'm really asking for a ski that deals with New England ice, New England moguls and New England icy-moguls. Did I mention moguls that have become ice?
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Take a look at Peter Keelty's subscription web site. For $20 you get the best ski reviews I've seen and personal answers to your email questions.

The Heads listed or Fischer RX8, RX FIRE, or maybe the CTX line might be very good choices, along with others, about 170 cm. for these top-line skis and a skier of your size and ability. As always, you get the most for your money if you demo and buy the skis that put the biggest smile on your face. My preference is for a ski with a narrow waist, about 65-66 mm and certainly less than 72 mm, and a tight turn radius of about 12 meters and no more than 16 m. Always get bindings with fore & aft position adjustment. I like my skis with the bindings set forward of the manufacturer's mark when I ski packed snow.

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Great articles! Thanks. I was looking at Atomic R11's, but apparently they may not be forgiving enough to handle bumps well. Does Atomic make a ski that might deal with New England ice, New England moguls and New England icy-moguls.?
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Bouncing around the forum, it seems many like the Volkl AC3 and AC4, the Fischer RX8 and RX6, especially as advanced all-mountain skis. Anybody in New England ski them?
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AC3 or 4 are not the ticket for New England carving and RX6 may not be enough ski. Volkl 5s or Allstar should be on your list. Make sure you look at the piston binding in the 5s.
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Are AC3's and AC4's too soft?
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AC3 and AC4 are definitely not soft, particularly the 3 which is pretty damn stiff. But Eric S may be suggesting that they're a bit wide to be considered New England cravers.

Not to steer you from the Volkl or Head lines, but you should also consider Stocklis - all of their models have exceptional edge hold. They're on the stiff side however so demos are recommended if you can find them.
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Regarding Volkl, how about the 5 Star?
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The new S5 is a serious ski with tremendous edgehold. As some have noted its a bit of a departure from the old 5 star which was more easygoing and more amenable to intermediate level skiers. The S5 is a great ski though for steeps and narrow, icy groomers! (or put differently its great for New England).
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Thanks for the info. I think I'm going to try to demo a pair of S5's and a pair of RX8's. Actually, I might buy a pair of 05/06 5 Stars or RX8's and see how they feel during the rest of the season. I've heard great things about both. The Fischer's are more narrow but softer than the Volkl's, no?
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Are the 04/05 5 Stars and RX8 similar to the 05/06 models?
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I have a pair of R11s in 170cm. That ski was discontinued about three years ago. They are very very stiff. They cut through anything. They can be skied in bumps but are work. They are fast though. They are great a bombing to big wide runs that are chopped up but not tight VT-style moguls.

In Nordica maybe look at the the Mach3 or one of the Hot Rods.
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I hadn't even considered Nordica. I'm a 4th-year school teacher (career change) and finances are tight. That's why I'm looking at used gear. Thanks for the help.
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