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The Essence of Skiing

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There is a thread on the instruction forum discussing if skiing has to be so complicated. Yesterday, I had a refreshing skiing experience.

I took my 4 year old twins skiing at the local hill for the first time. I find participating in the pleasure of my kids skiing more fun than skiing in Europe or out west. However, that is not the subject of this post.

Obviously, we spent our time on the beginner hill. There were a lot of people out. The hill has a Sunday night special and the tickets are cheap. Many beginners and novices filled the hill.

As I was standing in line with my daughter, I hear a 30-40 year old man behind me in line talking to his wife/GF. He tells her how much fun he is having. He suggests that they may want to move from the green circle to the blue square slope, but he also says he is having a blast and has not yet reached "max speed" on the green run. Although, he adds that he is skiing fast and you can really get going on the run. Now keep in mind that this is a 240 vert. ft. hill and the runs are short.

After hearing that conversation, I tried to watch and listen to the other people on the hill. Young and old were all having a great time.

It put things into perspective for me. I like many here are driven by improving my technique, having the right gear, and skiing challenging terrain. Regardless of whether you are a level 1 or 10, skiing is fun. I would guess instructors see the enthusiasm in their students, but it was a new experience for me.
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Things are quite simple through the eyes of the "newborn", whether the newborn is an actual child or an adult finding a new passion.

From the first time I skied, I loved doing it, but was a 5 time a year skier. (if I was lucky) When my little niece and nephew asked me to be a chapparone for their school ski program, I found a passion for the sport that I had missed up until then. Those kids could have been on a flying saucer or skis, didn't matter they were sliding and smiling.

The booster shot for me was when my husband found a love for shaped skis, and developed a quiver.

More recently, my love for the new friends I've found on EpicSki, have stoked a fire for skiing that will not soon die out.

Simple essence is the path to my passion!
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I started skiing standing on the toes of my dad's boots while we slid downhill in 1945.

I quit wearing a suit and tie in 1970 so I could stop being adversarial in my relationships with other folks and, instead, share the fun I found in skiing by helping them learn "my" sport.

Today, for the umpteenth thousand time, I saw the "lightbulb light up" for a couple of folks who previously had been fighting their skis. Made the end of the day just a little brighter for me.

I work to spark that passion Fischermh witnessed every day.
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