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Quick Rossi Twins reviews - Scratch FS & Sprayer BC

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I've had a couple people ask, so here we go...

I FINALLY got out on the Rossi Sprayer BC's (05-06) I bought last year, and along with that, I also brought out a new pair of Rossi Scratch FS's (05-06). I was looking for skis that would be more forgiving than carvers (although the Z9 is about as forgiving a ski as you will find), and offered a little wider waist for float out West.

ME: 5'11", 185#, 35 yo
Level 7-8, ski most anything, but hate bumps
Other gear this year - Rossi Z9, Atomic M:EX, Fischer RC4 WC SL

Conditions: Typical Minnesota hardpack, but not too icy considering. Windy and cold though...

Scratch FS - 174cm, mounted with Soli 810 between the freeride and park lines (screwed up the first mount which was at the freeride line, but on shop guy's advice, found the balance point being well forward of center, so I mounted them just forward - 1 cm).
My initial thought - WHAT DID I DO?!? : But I got over that quickly. As this was my first time out on TT's, I realize that they are going to change my skiing style quite a bit. You almost have to ride the tails a bit. I definitely had to draw back the forward pressure I would normally use on carving skis. I was much more centered and upright in my stance. At 84mm in the waist, I was expecting them to be difficult on hard snow - they were anything but. Surprisingly quick edge to edge, and after you find the sweet spot on them, they are very stable and have pretty good edge grip. Not race ski grip, but otherwise pretty damn good! They do quite well with most turn radii, but probably best with short- to mid-. I'm not a park or switch rider, so I won't comment on that. Compared to the Sprayers, these were defintiely a more dynamic ski - they had a few more surprises to them. I think they defintely ski shorter than the length/width would have you think, so I wish I would have gone up to the 181, but I'm sure they'll be good in trees and probably even bumps. They do/will have a speed limit, although I wasn't able to find it last night, so be aware. I think if I had the chance to do it again, I'd probably re-mount them back 1cm from the freeride line, just so they'd be a bit more predictable, but that's half the fun...

Sprayer BC's - 182 cm, mounted with Soli 810 Ti, 10mm lift. Freeride position (rear). VERY different ski here - yet strangely familiar! The ride was much more predictable and damp. Again, these skis definitely have a speed limit, which I was expecting as they are a "less beefy" version of the Scratch BC. They have wood cores rather than the "THC" core of the Scratch's. The 182 was much more stable than the 174, although I wasn't surprised, as it was mounted at true Freeride. Again, at 88mm in the waist, I was expecting to have to work them edge to edge, but they were not bad at all. Not as quick as the Scratch FS, but quicker than I would have thought - much quicker than the Metron M:EX though. It had good edge grip, although I wouldn't put it on par with a pure carver. As before, it wasn't particularly icy, but if you ever skied in MN, you know how hard our "powder" here is, and they did fine. I did not wash out the tails at all. They help very well in mid-to-large radius turns. I was happily surprised by these skis, after having low expectations initially. A very good buy for the $200 range ski. If you are looking for a cheap TT to play around with, I wouldn't hesitate buying these if you get a good price.

Now after having used these two, I CANNOT WAIT to use my Scratch BC's, as they seem to be the sweetheart of this line of skis. I bought them in a 178, and will probably wish I had gotten the 185, but I'm having a good time on shorter skis after years of 200cm skis, and I rarely get into enough deep snow for it to make a big difference anyway.

I think that, minus one pair of carvers (in this case, my Fischers), TT's are going to be my new ski of choice, as they bring in a new fun factor with the rebound and energy they seem to have. They're just (IMHO) a great choice for all-mountain performance, which is what I really need these days anyway. Thay aren't the mostpowerful skis out there, but I tend to fall a little more in the "finesse" camp than the "Power" camp, which I think is reflected in my satisfaction level with my Metrons - there's just a better ski out there for me, as I was hoping they'd be the all-mountain ski they were touted to be, but in my eyes, they were really a wider waisted GS carving ski. I'll probably never see a park, but I did try riding switch a little last night : - I don't think it'll be a regular thing, but it was...interesting.

Oh - did I mention these skis were LIGHT?!? Very refreshing considering the heavyweights I have been on lately. Nothing "built up" about these at all. A very simple set-up - ski with bindings that have little or no lift. Much easier on the knees during those long lift rides with no foot bar (again, 04-05 Metron M:EX + Neox bindings = pain!!).
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I mounted up some 174cm 05-06 Scratch FSs with Look PX 12 Lifter bindings at the standard line. I'm 5 pounds lighter, your height and 15 years older. The Public Enemy is the most popular 80-89mm TT around here but I like the FSs better. I feel they carve truer and have a better bite right under the foot (something I appreciate in hard steeps.) The FS do okay in deep powder, great in heavy powder & crud and are a blast in the moguls. If you make it back out to SW Montana you'll find the 174cm length is ideal for skiing the steeps, moguls and crud piles at Big Sky & Bridger.....I wouldn't recommend going longer.
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Hi Rio,

Kinda my thought initially, but maybe I'm spending too much time at TGR : - if you aren't on the longest ski in that size...JONG!! I skied on 176 Z9's, and 175 M:EX's on that trip, and they seemed plenty long for what I was doing, but I always seem to second guess myself, ya know? I guess these skis just "feel" shorter, but that could have something to do with the weight (or lack thereof). It could also be due to the binding placement being much more centered than traditional skis.

Like I said, flotation isn't my main concern, since it's rare that I end up in anything deeper than boot-high stuff anyway. I do know I fought with the Atomics a bit - thank God I had my Z9's with, but I felt pretty bad about beating them up due to the rocks...

I thought ALOT about the PE's, but I've never been big on K2, and they seem quite a bit heavier by comparison. I was looking for a light ski. The Rossi's we also over $100 less than the PE's, so the choice was obvious. $201 shipped for new boards - can't beat that!

BTW - besides the FS's, what else are you skiing on? Just curious...
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Swing by CO this spring and you can try my Karmas now that you've caught TT fever. Got some PE in the garage too.

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Originally Posted by stevesmith7 View Post
Swing by CO this spring and you can try my Karmas now that you've caught TT fever. Got some PE in the garage too.

Hi Steve!

I'd love to if I can get away. Skis in the garage!?! Only if it's carpeted, insulated and has satellite!!

Did you get the Z9's all dialed in? I have a feeling I'll miss those... BUT -- I have a nice distraction in the meantime! I'd love to try out the Karmas though - they seem to be the pinnacle of the all-mountain twin if the hype is real.

If I can get out there, I'll drop you a line. My other "ski bro" seems to forget about me after we take our week out in MT with my relatives...:

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Between getting a cold, I-70 closed most of last Friday, and the place we're building getting delayed for C.O. I still haven't skied them. Fingers crossed I'm up Wed night, will ski Thurs if things work out, otherwise this weekend.
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I got to ski both these skis again ALL DAY yesterday. I continue to be impressed with them. The conditions were hard-pack, with some sun softening, then turning to grainy, icy, "packed powder" after dark (LONG day!!).

I skied the Scratch FS's the first half of the day. They felt "at home" right away this time. I took them down the steepest run I could find, opened them up, and they held like lighter-duty carving skis - no problems at all! They inspired confidence - I actually went into the bumps ON PURPOSE, and gave myself an immersion clinic. I usually stay away from them like the plague, but I figured "Why not?" They were great bump skis! I'm actually happy with the mounting point, even though their powder performance may suffer a little (but does 1 cm forward of the rear line REALLY matter that much?). The rounded tail helps in releasing the turn, making quicker initiation into the next. I'm no expert, but now I don't fear the bumps, and if you've ever skid them in Minnesota, they can be scary! Icy mounds, made with 165cm skis! Anyway, the FS's are my new favorites for all-around skiing. If I am making a trip and not expecting BIG pow, these are the skis I will reach for.

The Sprayer BC's were the same as I remembered them, although they do have a much lighter flex than the Scratch's, and the tips are a bit more chattery. I did find the speed limit today, and they can get a little dicey (definitely not as sure footed...) when it starts getting icy. Still a GREAT ski on a budget if you want to buy NEW skis. I ran them in the bumps as well, and they worked out pretty well, but they were almost a little too supple - I got "stuck" in the troughs. A little less flex and a little more rebound would have been good. They didn't totally bottom out though and would probably have been great in softer bumps. But they aren't a bump ski - more of a non-demanding cruiser for the big mountain.

I finished the day with my Fischer RC4's -WOW. I had to learn to ski all over again! What a blast though - like being on RAILS! There's definitely something to be said for an all-out slalom race ski on a small, icy Midwestern ski area! I skied from 10 until 7 : with a half-hour for lunch. My back is sore, but it was an Epic MN spring ski day!

Thanks for reading...
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I bought both of these pairs of skis from Axebiker. Both were in great shape, but holy cow were they fun! I'm selling the RC4's because I don't need them, but the Scratch's I will be keeping for a long time.
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Originally Posted by a4runner87 View Post
I bought both of these pairs of skis from Axebiker. Both were in great shape, but holy cow were they fun! I'm selling the RC4's because I don't need them, but the Scratch's I will be keeping for a long time.

You got the Scratch's from someone else here, but the Fischers were mine.
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