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I've always used mine the "right" way, as described earlier. I could ski without them just fine, but I've never been bothered by them. They definitely do give you leverage when poling out of a start gate during a race, though.
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Justyna Kowalczyk?
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That's one Pole tief ..... got one more?
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Originally Posted by pavedroad View Post
The reason for "correct" pole strap usage (up through the loops then back down) is for proper pole plant technique.

When you swing your pole out, it's supposed to pivot on the mushroom part at the top of the grip against your thumb and forefinger so you have a nice smooth swing and so the pole follows a natural path. Because of this, you're not gripping the handle at all when you swing it out (if you do it "correctly"), so the strap prevents the pole from flying out of your hand once it hits the snow. More importantly, once the pole hits the snow, you will feel pressure on your palm from the strap, giving you a very positive feedback from your pole plant. As someone said earlier, proper strap usage is important for good technique .
I think this is a true statement for many skiers. Many skiers use the straps. That doesn't make it right or wrong.

I like the strap. When skiing in the woods a strap should not be used. IMO skiing in the woods is where the greatest risk for pole related serious injury lies. That's where Leki helps.

I like a strap when I am skating on flat. I like not have to grip much on easy stuff. In bumps I still use a blocking pole plant and the strap seems to help.

With or without the strap, when you fall, injury can still happen if you hold on to the pole. It's not so much the strap as the pole that causes the problem.

There are many reasons to categorize me as a gaper, but wearing straps is way down at the bottom of the list.

To each his own.
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Originally Posted by volantaddict View Post
Leave them flapping, or better yet, remove them entirely.

I used straps religiously as Sibhusky described, but then last year, I started tree skiing frequently, and after nearly getting my arm pulled off when my basket caught on a branch, I started skiing without them in the trees.

This year, planning to get into back country skiing (wearing straps when there is avy potential is a big no-no) I stopped using them entirely, and discovered that I didn't need them at all.
I also tree-ski and have a solution that lets me use straps without ripping my shoulders out. Find some junk Kerma poles at sportsAuthority that have the Kerma break-away straps (I think Kerma brought the break-aways back recently) and retrofit the straps to your existing poles. I've used this setup forever and have broken two of the break-away mechanisms over ~15 years, and had maybe two dozen buried tree pole grabs which caused the straps to break-away leaving my shoulder intact. The release design Kerma uses is pretty good based on my field testing.
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Oh my gawd a three page thread on pole strap use. Two words. Leki trigger. What straps?
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I once saw an instructor from japan using Ogasaka skis and also Ogasaka poles. The pole doesn't have strap, instead a protector? and a small finger holder on the grip. I can't describe clear but you can clip the holder between fingers and don't need grip the poles very tight to keep them in hands, while if you want to let them go it's also very easier.

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Originally Posted by GarryZ View Post
Oh my gawd a three page thread on pole strap use. Two words. Leki trigger. What straps?
Leki trigger and I still ended up with a broken thumb.
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Originally Posted by XJguy View Post
Leki trigger and I still ended up with a broken thumb.
Yes but, it's the pole that did the damage. Even without the grip the pole can cause damage if you hold on to it.
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